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Caught Wife who NEVER Masturbates!

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My wife claims she never touches herself, EVER! Well this morning I caught her in the act of masturbating herself while I slept.

For many years now my wife has repeatedly denied ever touching herself. She claims it is gross and whomever does it should be ashamed of themselves. I have had other girlfriends, in the past, say the same thing, but know they were lying. My wife gets up and dressed for work and is out the door before my alarm goes off. She has to be at work early while I go in later in the day to work. I am usually a heavy sleeper and sleep through most loud noises and such. This morning though I was near being awake when I had felt the sensation of an earthquake rattling the bed. The only thing was the earthquake, as it were, was moving back and forth in the same direction and it lasted far too long. When I finally was awake enough I was able to tell my wife was next to me, still in bed and rubbing one out. The rhythm of the bed moving back and forth told me she was deep into it. I cracked open an eye lid and saw her laying on her back, her face had such a glow to it as she lay there on her back. Her right arm was moving along the top of her body with most of the sheets moving near her mid section. I lay still as possible and closed my eyes. I concentrated on her breathing and could tell she was about to climax. She then stops suddenly. I almost panicked as I thought she had caught on to me. Before that thought could settle in, she started right back up again. I heard her exhale and then she inhaled and held her breath as the bed started to shake violently. It only lasted for a few seconds. She started to breathe more heavily as the bed stopped. About a minute later she turned off her alarm and got out of bed. I waited till I could hear her making her morning coffee before I started to stroke myself. I had to stop as she returned to take a shower. While she was in the shower I thought of joining her and seeing what would happen if I told her I woke up horny as hell and wanted me some. Would she know she had been caught? I would not want her to stop pleasuring herself if she was ashamed of being caught. I think I might go finish rubbing one out myself.



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