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Caught Overhead

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First of all, like all who visit this site, it sure is a great place to experience one of life's great pleasures. Thanks.


Growing up with four brothers, two older and two younger it was always difficult to find a place by yourself to masturbate. So, I had to be creative on where I could go to stroke myself. So, one time when I was probably 15, I was out trying to find a spot to play with myself when I was riding my bike through a new subdivision with new homes being built. It was getting late in the day and it appeared that all of the workers at the various homes had quit for the day. So, I decided that going into a framed house that was not yet drywalled looked like a great place.

I looked around and still felt 'exposed' if I just whipped it out in the middle of the house and started stroking. I thought I would take a couple of boards up with me and make a small shelf in between the trusses and lay down up there. It turned out to be a great idea and soon stripped my pants and underwear and started playing with myself. I brought out some lotion and was slowing stroking myself. I could hear every heart beat as the thought of being somewhat exposed was very exciting. I was really starting to zone in on my long strokes and hand movements when I heard a dog start to bark and bark out in the front yard of this house under construction. Then, a woman's voice that said to stop barking, that no one was here! Boy was my heart racing now.

After about 20 seconds of silence, I heard the dog and this woman enter the front of the house. I was still naked from the waist down, lying on some boards and probably the biggest hard on of my life being gently stroked in my hand. She was a young woman, maybe 26 or so with short brown hair, 5'4', small breasts wearing tennis shoes, cut off jeans and a halter top. She looked good, which added to my excitement. She just started to walk around the house looking and at various spots at times just stood there and thought. When all of a sudden her dog scents me and starts barking up at me! I think that I'm dead now.

Well, she comes over near where I am and looks up to me and I am now obviously caught. She tells her dog to stop barking and thank goodness he does. She asked what I was doing and I stumbled for a few seconds and then said 'Playing.' She laughed and says 'Playing, now that is an understatement.' She says that this is her house that is being built and that I could get hurt 'playing' here. She asks me to come down. I start by trying to place my underwear over by shoes and almost fell. She says just to drop them and my pants and climb down.

Now, I'm really scared and I do as she asks. I ask her if her dog bites and she says only people that she wants him to bite. So, I proceed to come down and she just keeps shaking her head and laughs. 'You must be really horny to climb up there just to get off.' I said that I was looking for a quiet place to play and that I would take my clothes now and go home. But she had other plans.

She said to me that we cannot waste a good hard cock without having it cum can we? She leans over to me now with her dog right at her side and asks me to lube up again and begin to stroke my six inch manhood for her. Well, as long as that dog was staying at her side I was more than willing to stroke away. I was proceeding in a hurry and as she was about two feet away from me starting to breathe heavy herself. She said for me to slow down and proceeds to pull off her halter top and toss it alongside my pants. She starts playing with her pert tits and her nipples rise to a beautiful point. I'm starting to stroke away faster and faster until she reaches out and grabs my hand to stop me. Our eyes meet and she says that we can both enjoy this moment, slow down. She is now in full control of stroking my cock and she places my hands on her tits. I'm just about to pop as these are the first tits I've ever touched. She must have known this because she just stopped and let me play with her tits for a while. She started to moan and placed her one hand in her now unbuttoned shorts and was going to town. She now began to stroke me again and said to please come with her. She had amazing control of me and worked me to the point of no return and then said 'This is it, cum for me and with me!' Wow, did I cum, squirt after squirt all over her belly and tits. She was moaning and closing her eyes and her hips were moving back and forth, and her legs were opening and closing against her hand. She was really cumming hard too.

She stopped and just looked at me and said that I could come and play in her house anytime. I picked up my clothes and got out of there thinking that this was the greatest moment of my life.

I rode by the house almost everyday after that, and we had some more experiences while it was under construction, as well as later when she moved in!!



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