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Caught on Camera? Yes... Sort of!

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Masturbating in my front lobby in the middle of the day


I recently had security cameras installed in my business (for a variety of reasons--better to have them these days, sad to say!), including two in my front lobby.  One of them is set up to monitor activity behind the counters and looking toward the entry doors; another is set up on the opposite side of the lobby.

This last Saturday, I was working in the lobby after my last employee had left for the day, trying to catch up on work she hadn't had time to finish.  I hadn't had an opportunity to masturbate recently... and the thought crept into my mind, "Why not get naked in the lobby and then watch the video?"  Although two sides of the lobby are glass and face out onto the streets, both sets of glass are tinted, making it harder to see inside if there aren't any lights on.  I made a quick trip outside, ostensibly to check something in my car, just to doublecheck and make sure that what I thought was correct was correct--yes, indeed, it was difficult to make out anything special in the lobby right then.  I went back inside and locked the door behind me.

Walking back behind the main counter, I proceeded to bend over and take off my shoes and socks... and right then, someone pulled into one of the two parking lots!  Ugh... if they were to come close enough to the lobby door, they could see inside.  I went back to work, keeping an eye on them in their car.  After a few minutes, they backed out of the space and then headed back into the street.  That gave me the green light to get back to my intended work.

I quickly pulled off my jeans, then my underpants, then pulled my shirt over my head.  I looked outside, glancing around--the coast was still clear--no one driving past on either the main street or side street appeared to notice anything going on in my lobby.  I walked over directly under the camera behind the counters, just to give it a full view.  I then walked back behind the main computer and put on one of my favorite porn sites.

Although I was definitely involved in the excitement of being stark naked in my lobby in the middle of the afternoon, I still kept an eye outside just to make sure no one walking close by would see me... even with the tinted windows, there are still quite a few pedestrians who use the sidewalk right past my doors, and anyone walking on them right then could, in spite of the tint, see inside. With my clothes in a heap behind the main counter, my plan was to duck down immediately if someone came around the corner past a window.

For those of you who've chatted with me in ST chat (not to mention, watched me), this is kind of surprising... I only masturbated for a few minutes before I felt my cock building up my cum shot.  I stood near the end of the counter, got up on my toes, and let my load shoot out onto the counter.  After my cock finished pulsing out my cum, I went into the bathroom and got a paper towel to clean up.  I left it on the counter while I put my clothes back on.

Now... to see what the cameras had caught!  I went to the office where the DVR is located and set it to playback what it had recently seen.  Watching both lobby cameras... what a sight!  It makes me wish I got gotten 5 MP cameras instead of only 2 MP... but there I am, rubbing and rolling my cock on cam and then blowing my load on the counter.  The only problem was that the camera behind the counter is a little dark, because it's facing out into two brightly illuminated windows.  Nevertheless, I now have MP4 files from both cam on my flash drive.

Next time, though, I think I need to get up on the counter so that camera can get a better view...



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