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Caught in the Backyard Part 2

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My version of 'Caught in the backyard part 1'.


My stepson introduced me to this website and asked if he could print our story here. I found this website interesting. I told him I would let him tell his story if I could tell my side of it. Here is my side of the story, let's call it 'Caught in the Backyard part 2'.

That morning when I was leaving for work I told my stepson that I was going to be late. We were finishing a major contract and were going to finish the deal that day. I told him not to wait up for me because my office and I were planning to celebrate after work.

It was around 9 p.m. when we finished up the last of the work. We all headed for the local watering hole. It just happened to be margarita night, half off on all margaritas. The first two went down rather easily. I was halfway through the third one when fatigue set in. It had been a long week and I was tired. The night was still young but I wanted to go home. I grabbed the DD (designated driver), said goodbye to everyone and left.

When I arrived home, I noticed it was dark. This was strange because my stepson usually stays up late. It was quite in the house. I walked into the kitchen and found clothes lying by the door to the backyard. What my stepson doesn't know is that I'd been in a similar situation many years ago when I was a teen.

When I was around fourteen or so I woke up in the middle of the night because of thirst. I went into the bathroom that I had shared with my older brother to get a drink of water. In the bathroom I found my brothers clothes, underwear included, lying on the floor. I thought that was odd, but went back to bed. As I climbed back into my bed I looked out my window in the backyard. There was my brother naked, just stroking away. I watched for a few minutes. I found it to be mesmerizing. His hand moved faster and faster until he arched his back and spurted. (I did feel a little tingly watching that.)

So here I am again standing by a pile of clothes, underwear included, by the back door. I glanced outside and there was my stepson yanking away. I should have left him alone, but I was feeling a little mischievous from the margaritas. I turned the light on. You should have seen him jump. He quickly covered his protruding member. I asked him to come inside.

There he stood, beat red, trying unsuccessfully to cover his penis with his hands. I told him to drop his hands or I would tell his father. He nervously dropped them. I made him turn around. He was really embarrassed. I talked to him to calm him down. We talked about sex and masturbation. What I didn't understand was why teenage boys have this urge to strip down and masturbate in the backyard at night. With the courage of the margaritas I was going to find out.

I turned off all of the lights again. I was having second thoughts so I left my clothes on at first. I promised my stepson not to tell. I walked out into the backyard and checked the privacy fence. Only the windows from the house behind us look over it, and they were dark.

The warm summer air felt relaxing. I slowly reached behind myself and unzipped my dress and let it fall to the ground. This truly was exciting. I took off my slip. My heart was now pounding. I unhooked my bra and tossed it. Pantyhose suck. I couldn't wait to get them off. All that was left was my panties. I really wanted to rip them off, but they cost too much, so I slid them off.

I was now naked in the backyard, just as my brother had done many years ago, and my stepson now. OH MY GOSH. I forgot about my stepson. I turned around and there he was with that deer in the headlight look. His penis was sticking up and he was trying to cover it up. I quietly asked him to join me. He was really nervous.

He slowly walked over to me. We again talked about sex. I found out that he had never seen a woman in the buff. I slowly turned so he could get an eyeful. We both agreed that naked outside is great. Talk then came around to masturbation. He asked questions and I answered as best I could. I asked if felt like he had to at that moment. He nodded a yes. I told him to go ahead for just this one time. I felt uneasy with this situation. He pulled himself off rather quickly, he must have been excited.

I wiped him off with my slip. He looked up at me and asked if I wanted too. I really did, but I had never done it in front of anyone. I felt an obligation to do so now. I told my stepson not to tell anyone. I really had to get off. I climbed on the picnic table and lay back. I have never felt so horny. I started to rub myself all over with my hand. My skin tingled everywhere I touched it. My nipples have never been so hard. I had to go for the gold. I placed my fingers in my very wet vagina. My clitoris rose up to meet me. I was at the point of no return. My hips started to move with the pleasure. Building up from inside me was one hell of a big orgasm. Then it happened, every inch of me felt like it was on fire. I gasped for breath and then fell back quivering.

After a few minutes I opened my eyes. There stood my stepson with a half limp penis, dripping semen, in his hands. I then felt the guilt. Even though he was not my real son, this felt too weird. We talked it over in the house and agreed that would never happen again. I didn't want sex to become a taboo subject, so I let him continue to ask me questions after that night. He does not know it, but I did see him masturbating to a movie on the television one night. I let him have his privacy this time.



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