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Caught by Roommate

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How getting caught by roommate leads to a happy ending for the both of us. This happened a few weeks ago.


I have been renting a room in a friends house for about a month. My friend Tina was left the house by her grandfather and she was going to fix it up and sell it. When I broke up with my girlfriend I had nowhere to go, so Tina told me to stay with her. I have been friends with Tina for about 20 years. We never dated but have kissed and made out on occasions.

On this Friday night I went out with a girl I had met. She turned out to be the biggest cock tease I ever met. She would want to make out and as soon as you tried anything she would say no. The thing is she would talk dirty and get you all horny. After half an hour I gave up, drove her home and went home. When I arrived at home I had major blue balls and went to my room to masturbate. I stripped, went into the bathroom and washed my face, picked up some tissues and grabbed a magazine. I never heard my bedroom door open because as I was playing with myself I heard Tina scream 'What are you doing.' I was caught. I couldn't answer and couldn't do anything. Tina came over to the bed and grabbed the magazine from me. She asked again the same question. I finally told her what happened and I was all aroused and had blue balls. The whole time I was explaining she kept looking at my dick. It went from six inches to about one in a few seconds.

Tina finally told me to stop talking. She kept staring and asked me why it shrinked so fast. I told her I was surprised and not excited anymore.

I am naked and Tina had on a shirt and sweatpants. Tina then smiles at me and takes off her top and bottoms and is as naked as me. I am erect in a second. Tina smiles and tells me I am excited now. I just point to my dick. I slide over in the bed and she lays next to me. I am checking out her tits and pussy. Her tits are not big but her nipples are hard. She has a little hair around her pussy. She asks if she can touch it. Before I say yes she has her fingers round my shaft and is stroking me. She goes slow then fast to faster to slow. I am in la la land. When I tell her I am going to cum she speeds up and starts to play with my balls. I finally cum and it is all over my chest, belly and her hands. Tina then licks her fingers clean and gives me a kiss.

As we are relaxing Tina tells me she has wanted to do that for about ten years. We start to kiss and I work my way down to her tits and suck on each one until they are hard and red. I worked my hand way down to her pussy and slowly fingered and rubbed her to an orgasm. It was so intense I felt her body shaking from the build up and I think she spurted a little fluid. Tina couldn't talk for ten minutes and told me no one had ever given her such an intense orgasm. We took a quick shower together and went into her room to sleep.

We are in love with each other. We now hope to fix up the house and sell it for a bigger one and get married in the near future.



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