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Caught by My Pool

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Since it is summer vacation and we just graduated from high school, my friends and I have been taking the summer easy, enjoying every minute of it before college life starts.

Last week I was laying out by our pool in the morning when I got a text, a guy saying he was going to head over in a few minutes. I told him I was out by the pool and just to come around back. He lives on the other side of town so I figured I had a little time before he showed up, so I decided I was going to rub one out first. We have a somewhat tall fence around our yard because of the pool and everyone around was at work, so I just slid off my shorts and started masturbating in the sun. I LOVE to masturbate outside, and I always did when I had the chance.

I was in my own world and I guess I lost track of time, because I didn't even hear him walk up. All I heard was him saying 'I guess I got here a little too early.' It startled me a little, and all I could do was laugh because I was caught, but I kept on going. It was the first time anyone had ever seen me masturbating. We've seen each other naked countless times either changing or swimming (we usually swim naked anyway when we're alone, it's more comfortable), but never masturbating. I didn't care though, because I needed to cum. He kicked off his sandals and dropped his towel then dove in while I sat there and finished. It only took a couple more minutes, but I tensed up and blew a huge load onto my chest. He asked if I was better now, and I told him he knew exactly how I felt. I walked over to the hose and rinsed off all my cum, then ran over to the pool with my still-hard dick bobbing up and down and jumped in. We swam a while and after an hour or so dried off and went inside.

We were on the couch in just our towels watching TV when he opened his up and a hard penis sprung up. He looked over and asked if I cared if he cums, and all I asked was 'here? Now?' He then said 'why not, it's not fair that you're the only one that gets to cum.' He pushed his penis straight up and slowly stroked it a couple times and I said 'OK, go for it. Just don't get it on the couch.' He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, stroking his cock. It looked about the size of mine, a good six inches or so, but was a hair thinner. I didn't really want to, but I couldn't help but stare as he masturbated on my couch. Seeing it and hearing his deep breathing started to get me hard again. I knew how good it was feeling, so I figured what the hell and tossed off my towel and started stroking again. It took a few minutes but his breathing really picked up and I heard him say 'ohh...ohh yeah', then dug his toes into the carpet and spewed a huge load onto his belly, saying 'oh shit that's good...' He never even opened his eyes, he just squeezed out the last few drops and let his penis flop down as he caught his breath. It wasn't until I spun around on the couch that he looked over and saw me jacking off again, I held my towel in front of me and came on it and he said 'damn dude, again?' I grunted out a 'yeah' as the last squirt dribbled onto my towel. I wiped it off and dropped the towel, falling back onto the couch as my sore penis shriveled. We sat in silence for 15 seconds or so before I started laughing, which caused him to start. All I could say was 'well that was interesting.' He said 'oh yeah, that was a good cum.' We laid there watching TV for a little while longer before we got back in the pool.

We were out there for a while but my parents were going to be home soon and we really didn't want them to see us naked out there, and since he only wore his towel over he said he was going to head home. He walked over to the fence in just his sandals, then tied on his towel before leaving and driving off. I went in and got dressed and acted like nothing happened the rest of the night. Before I fell asleep though I came one more time thinking about what happened earlier. Nothing else has happened since that day, but I am wondering if something else is going to come up.



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