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Caught by Mom

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The other day when I woke up for school I was really feeling horny, so I took my vibrator to the bathroom with me but waited to use it until I got out of the shower. When I was done I dried off and sat down on the toilet, spread my legs and started buzzing away at my clit. I was in there for longer than normal and I thought I had the door locked, but I guess I didn't because right before I came my mom walked in and asked if everything was all right, seeing me masturbate for the first time. I squeezed my legs together and choked out a 'no wait, please!' She gasped and said 'I'm sorry I'm sorry!' She then locked the door and backed out and said 'go ahead, it's ok!' I was in shock and lost my concentration, but I had to cum so I went back at it, and in about five minutes I had a fantastic orgasm.

When I was done and went down for breakfast, I could barely even look her in the eye. She apologized again and said it was ok, and she was glad I was just masturbating and not running around with boys. I made sure she wasn't mad, and she told me that she loved to masturbate too, and did it pretty often. We talked for a couple minutes but I had to get ready for school. I said I was having a good time talking to her about it, and told me to hold on a second and left the room. When she came back she said I didn't have to go and called the school, telling them I was sick. I hugged her and thanked her, and we went back to our conversation.

When we finished breakfast we went back to our rooms and stripped down to our robes and slippers to get comfy, then spent the rest of the morning laughing and chatting about masturbation and stories about my mom's sex life. It turns out she was just waiting for a chance to talk to me about it, and at that point we were more like sisters than mom and daughter. After a while I told her the talking was getting to me and said I needed to masturbate again, and she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and said 'ok, have fun baby' and I went back up, shutting my door and came again watching myself in my mirror. When I was done and came out, I saw that my mom's door was closed and figured she was doing it too. I waited for her on the couch, and when she came back down her robe was gone. She smiled and said she thought I was ready to be open with each other like she was with her mom. I was nervous, but I took mine off too and giggled, knowing we were both naked with each other.

After we had lunch we went back to the living room and sat down on the couch, put our feet up on the table and she pulled a blanket over us to stay warm while we watched a movie. I scooted closer to her and we were there for a couple hours naked, but covered up and cozy except for our heads and our wiggling toes.

And NO, nothing happened between us. We didn't masturbate together or feel each other up, we just spent the day together as mother and daughter, comfortable being naked with each other.



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