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Caught at the Party

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I am a sixteen year old male who can't get enough of jerking off. I was at my friend Jaqueline's party a while ago when I experimented with Petroleum jelly for the first time. Jaqueline is twenty five years old. I met her in the gym one day. We chatted for a while before she invited me to the party. She has long brown hair, and long slender legs. Her ass is more delicious than strawberries.

Everyone was having a good time except me, as I was feeling unwell. So, I headed upstairs to lie down for a while. I found Jaqueline's room and lay down on her bed. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 5a.m.

I went downstairs to find everyone had crashed after a night of partying. All the lights were switched off and everyone was asleep. I decided to go back to bed. I crept upstairs and went back into Jaqueline's room. It was so dark that I could only distinguish a few things in her room. I walked past a shelf and noticed a big tub of Petroleum jelly on it. I had heard a lot about Petroleum jelly and how it made great wanking, but never used it before. I lifted the tub off the shelf and sat it on the bed. I opened the rucksack I had brought with me and lifted out a small torch and porno magazine that I had bought a couple of weeks ago. Stripping off, completely nude, I climbed under the sheets. I delved my hands into the tub of Petroleum jelly. I began to lather the emollient all over my cock and balls - it felt EXCELLENT! I completely covered my penis in Petroleum jelly whilst looking at the porno and began tugging my dick slowly. Just as I was about to cum I heard a noise. Someone was coming up the stairs. My heart was racing. I hid under the covers. I could hear the person moving closer towards me and then they lifted the sheets and got into bed. It was Jaqueline. She was so tired that she didn't even realize I was there. Shocked I said to her, "What the hell are you doing?" Giggling, she replied, "Oh...Sorry Rich - I didn't realize you were there! I am so horny!" She threw the sheets off the bed and then suddenly realized that she had caught me mid-wank. "Naughty boy! You should have asked me if you could use my Petroleum jelly before doing so!" she said playfully. Reaching into a drawer in her bedside table she lifted out a big pink vibrator. I couldn't believe my eyes. She could see I didn't know what to say. "Shhh Rich, we don't want anyone to hear us!" she whispered. She took off all her clothes and sat on the bed next to me. She ran her fingers through her fully grown bush of pubic hair. My penis was out of control. "What are you waiting for? An invitation?" she asked me, "Either masturbate with me or leave!" I choose what any teenage male would and rammed the vibrator up her pussy. She covered her hands in Petroleum jelly and began rubbing my cock ruggedly. I was in sexual euphoria. I came all over her pert little breasts and by the sounds of things she came at the exact same moment. I lay back on the bed, exhausted and amazed.

After getting dressed and talking to her I left the party and got the bus home my pants still dripping in cum.



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