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Caught and Joined by Step-brother

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Very true, and very embarrassing looking back now. Not sure how we're going to handle this.


A few weekends ago, my step-brother came home from college and he's staying with us for the summer months. The morning after his first day home, my mom came in and woke me up saying that they were going out to breakfast. I declined because I said I wanted to sleep in late. After I heard the front door close and heard the van pull away I got to work..

I hadn't gotten off in about two weeks and I was dying for some sweet relief. I slipped my hands under my pajama bottoms and got to work on my mound. After about five minutes, I was beginning to drip with slippery juices and my clit was throbbing uncontrollably. I stopped for a minute to look around for something to insert into myself. There were no markers or makeup tubes around that I could find. Then I remembered I had just bought a brand new curling iron, so I reached into the basket beside my bed and retrieved it. I hadn't even used it yet. It wasn't one of the huge ones, but it definitely wasn't one of the thinnest ones. I pulled my comforter back, lowered my pajama bottoms and my now almost soaked through cotton panties to my ankles. I held the curling iron in my right hand and spread my pussy lips with my left hand. I was so wet and ready for that to be shoved up my pussy. I eased it in at first and my entire body shook as my warm juices met the cold metal. My entire pussy stretched around this metal dildo and quivered with every half inch I shoved in. After about 5-6 minutes, the entire iron was in and I was able to pump it in and out with ease. My body heat warmed the iron up and felt like nothing I've ever experienced before. I continued pumping and circling my clit and it was absolutely wonderful. I began to let out small and quiet moans which lead to loud, drawn out ones.

I guess while in my throws of pure ecstasy, my step-brother (who also, unknown to me, passed on breakfast to sleep in) must have woken up and heard strange noises coming from down the hall. I don't remember hearing my door creak open (was a little busy afterall), but standing in the doorway was my 20 year old step-brother Alex. 'What the fuck, Li?!'. I froze and looked up at him while my hand wildly grasped for my comforter. I pulled it over me and yelled 'I thought you were at breakfast!!' He managed to stammer out 'N-no, I wanted to sleep in..' while his right hand attempted to hide the bulge coming from his basketball shorts. 'I'm sorry, I thought I was home alone and then I heard someone yelling. I didn't know what you were doing, I'm sorry.'

Perhaps I was clouded with adrenaline, or I was high off of the smell of sex that lingered in my room, but the next words out of my mouth were 'Well, um, I'm almost done if you want to stay..'. He didn't say anything right away, but he moved out of the doorway into my room and shut the door behind him. I pulled back the comforter and exposed myself again, curling iron still in me and a large wet spot on my purple sheets. Alex took a seat at the edge of the bed and turned himself towards me. The erection in his pants was more noticeable than ever, and he didn't attempt to hide it at this point. I laid back again, put my knees up to give him the best view possible and went to work again. I had kind of lost my orgasm from when he walked in, but I was trying my hardest to get it back. I opened my eyes a few times to notice Alex either with his hand in his boxers stroking his cock, and rubbing himself from outside his bball shorts.

Out of no where, I felt his hand touch my hand and take control of the iron. I let go and he continued for me. I looked at him but his eyes never left the view down south as he plunged away into me. He started off at the same slow pace I had going, however, that didn't last long. He was not gentle. He was fast and to the point and thank god I was well lubricated. My right hand went up my shirt and cupped one of my perky B's and the other hand worked away on my clit. After 3-4 minutes I was shaking in pleasure and pain. He was giving it to me very hard, and I am ashamed to say that I liked it very much, pain and all. My cries of pain and pleasure did not phase him as he concentrated on the task at hand (no pun intended). And then it happened. I heard him begin to grunt and I knew he was filling his shorts with hot cum that I begin to wish and imagine he was shooting all over my body. At that moment, he increased his speed even more and I came hard in a fit of heavy moans, cries and grunts. He was like an animal. As I was cumming and crying and moaning, he pushed my hand that was working my clit out of the way and used his large hands to work it himself. I bit down on the inside of my lip so hard that I broke through the skin and began to taste blood. And then it was over. I couldn't see straight, my pussy and clit began to throb with pain and I was still shaking from the few orgasmic after shocks. We both just stayed quiet and caught our breaths. I hadn't even noticed, but I had apparently squirted all over his hand, up his arm and there were wet spots on his shirt. I was pretty embarrassed about that. All he said was 'I'm really sorry, this shouldn't have happened. Please, Lianna, don't tell anyone'. I agreed and pulled my comforter over myself again. With reality sinking in, I told him I wanted to go and get dressed and asked if he could go back to his room. He agreed and left, his shorts sticking to his legs as he walked out. When I reached down, there was some blood mixed in with my juices and I was a little worried. However I'm a virgin so I wasn't completely shocked. I cleaned myself up and I was fine, although sore for a few days after.

Alex stayed at his friends house for a few nights after that. He is back home now but we haven't said anything about it which is (probably) a good thing. I guess that's just how it will stay. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had, though. And hey, it's not like we're blood related...I don't know, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing? I am attracted to him, and obviously he likes me. I don't know, maybe I can just see where this goes.



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