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Late Saturday night


I'll tell you a little about my life, I'm a 22 year old guy and I still live at home with parents and have a long time girlfriend of almost 4 years. I work a steady 8-5 job Monday to Friday. Lucy more or less sleeps over every night of the week.

I decided to head out to a party on Saturday night, as Lucy was away for the night with all her girlfriends. I hadn't been out with my friends in a number of weeks so we were due for a pretty good party. So we were all out having a great time and Lucy and I had planned to meet up but she got caught up with the girls and had texted to say that she was going to stay with one of the girls as she was tired.

I finished off partying and decided to head for home around two'ish. When I got home I wasn't quite ready to sleep, so I decided to have a couple more drinks by myself (sad I know) I was flicking through the tv channels and came across one of those call in shows where the girl is in her underwear and speaking to people on the phone.

I started to get horny watching this older lady lounging about in her underwear and stripping to just her panties, so I started trying to text and call Lucy because I was horny and wanted to talk to her. Eventually I got speaking to her and she was half awake and I was telling her how horny I was and she said there was nothing she could do for me, she said either go to sleep or quickly take care of business. I could tell that she wanted to go back to sleep so I said I was going to head to sleep and said I would talk to her tomorrow.

When I got off the phone I was still horny watching the tv, I was in the lounge and thought its 2.30am what the hell....so I unzipped and pulled my jeans down and started to play with myself...I was watching the screen and thinking about Lucy and how much I wanted her. After about 10/15 mins the lounge door swung open and there stood my mom. In sheer panic I froze and said omg mom I'm sorry....she turned and left, she clearly saw what I was doing and what I was watching...I quickly got my jeans up and I went into the kitchen and mom was pouring a glass of water...she said I hope you have switched the channel on the tv, I said yes I had and she apologised for what happened.

I apologised also and explained that it was my fault that I shouldn't have been doing it and that I was missing Lucy, she said she understood but things like that needed to be done behind closed doors I agreed and again said sorry and she said that it wouldn't be mentioned to anyone as it was embarrassing for both of us...I was relieved knowing that she wasn't going to tell Lucy or more importantly Dad. So she said she was headed back to bed and she gave me a kiss on the cheek as she always does and said to me your missing Lucy just go back in and finish off honey I don't want you having a sleepless night being frustrated and tell Lucy tomorrow that she owes you!!!

I was sooo shocked basically mom was telling me to go and have a wank, she headed to bed and all I could think about were her eyes staring at my cock when she walked in....I came inside a min mom's head would barely have been back on the pillow in her bed...I can't stop thinking was mom thinking about what I was doing in the lounge...I was thinking about her in her nightie...

I ended up telling Lucy about it and she said the horny old bitch was probably turned on, needless to say Lucy got a good pounding that night but all I could think about was mom staring at my cock...

I am thinking about staging a way to get caught by mom again, the rush and orgasm from the first time was amazing.



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