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My sister and I inherited a shore house from our parents when they died. I lived the closest and maintained the house during the winter. In April of 2007 I went to get the house set up for the summer. I did a little painting and moved the outdoor furniture outside and basic clean up. The house has 5 bedrooms. 2 of the rooms have showers and these are my sisters and mine. We have an outside shower and one indoors. After doing all my duties I decided to stay the weekend and, after showering, I walked to the living room. I put in some porn and relaxed with a beer. I was really into a scene when I started to jerk off. It was a good jerk off and I knew I would have a good cum. My eyes were closed and I was close and then my orgasm hit and I felt my cum rain down on my chest. When I opened my eyes I see a woman looking at me with her mouth open. I cover myself up and ask what she was doing here. She just continued looking at my cum covered stomach and chest. She finally said my sister's name and said her name. Her name was Abby and now I knew this was the woman who lost her husband last year and was having a difficult time. I told her sorry and walked to my room.

I came back and she was still standing on the top stairs. I told her sorry and I didn't know my sister was coming down. Abby told me my sister wasn't and she told her I would be gone. I asked her to sit and she did. I noticed her nips were hard and asked if she wanted a drink. She nodded yes and I brought her a beer. She took a long sip and then started to laugh. I asked what was so funny. She told me for 10 years she asked her husband to do that and he said no. Now I walk into the house and you put on a very nice show with a great ending. We talk for a while and I show her my sisters room. As Abby is getting settled I call my sister and told her what happened. My sister laughed and said Abby must be ready to leave. I told her no she is unpacking in your room. My sister asked me to show her a good time.

Abby came out in shorts and a t-shirt and took the phone. She told my sister she was stunned, but it was amazing to see at the same time. After hanging up Abby came over to me and we talked a while. She told me about her husband and how he died and how she wished they had kids. When she started to cry, I hugged her and said it was okay. Abby kissed me and soon we were making out. Abby stopped and asked if I she could watch me jerk off again. I looked at her and asked why. She again said her husband never wanted to do it plus watching you and seeing how much pleasure it was was a turn on. I then asked if she would get naked while I do it. Abby thought about it and said down to her panties only. I said okay. We both stood up and I stripped nude and started to get hard as Abby took off her shorts and t-shirt. Her bra was see thru and so were her panties. I laid down and while looking at her breasts and pussy became nice and hard. I started to stroke myself and telling Abby how hot she looked. How I wanted to suck on her nipples and get them hard as rocks. How I wanted to lick her from crack to crack and make her cum over and over again. I could see a damp spot on her panties and her nipples were very hard. I was very close and slowed it down and watched as she turned around and slowly took off her panties. Then she unhooked her bra and turned around. Her breasts were perfect and her pussy had a little hair growing out. Abby then stood in front of me and started to play with herself. When I heard her wetness from her pussy I lost it and pointed my dick at her and fired off a huge load of sperm that hit her stomach. She jumped and told me that was amazing and it felt so hot. She placed her finger in the cum and licked it off her finger. I had the rest land on my stomach. Abby then leaned over and with me sucking her breasts rubbed herself to an orgasm. She collapsed on me and told me that was the hottest thing she ever did.

We never went outside and stayed and masturbated ourselves, each other and had sex all over the house. My sister called on Sunday morning and asked Abby what she did all weekend. She laughed and said your brother all over the place. My sister screamed and said she knew we would hook up. My sister and Abby are now sisters in law and Abby finally has the baby she always wanted. Abby still loves it when I masturbates for her and it always breaks her bad, foul moods.



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