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Catholic Schoolgirl

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My freshman year of college I met a girl through a good friend of mine who was still in high school. This girl-we'll call her Stacy-was a senior at a local Catholic school, around 5'7', shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice tight body. My friend got her to come out to a high school football game one Friday night and I went along to meet her. We hit it off and I asked her out.

Fast forward a few weeks... We had gone out once already and were going out again the next week (she could only go out on Friday nights). We went out, had dinner, and went to a movie. We started kissing during the movie, gently at first, but were both getting hornier and soon our tongues and hands were involved. I squeezed her B cup breasts over her white button down shirt and she massaged my hard penis over my pants, then I moved my hand down and rubbed the crotch of her jeans.

When the movie finally ended we went back to her house. Her parents were already in bed so we stayed in the living room and turned on the TV but were soon making out again. This time I unbuttoned the top few buttons of her shirt and reached inside to feel her tits under her bra, tweaking her tiny nipples. She was breathing really heavy and enjoying it, squeezing her hand around my penis over my pants. I then bent my head down, pulled her right breast out of the bra cup, and sucked her nipple into my mouth. She moaned her agreement. I then moved my hand to her jeans crotch and began rubbing fast and hard over the area of her clit and kept sucking her nipple.

Her breathing kept getting heavier and she tried to keep from moaning too loud so we wouldn't wake up her parents in the next room. After a few minutes her body shook and she let out a moan and her legs squeezed together around my fingers-she was cumming. I kept rubbing and sucking her nipple all the way until her orgasm subsided around 30 seconds later. When she recovered she pulled my hand and head away, tucked her breast back into her bra and buttoned up her shirt.

She was worried that her parents might have heard her cumming so we went outside to my truck. I opened the door and turned off the inside light so we couldn't be seen very well (we were on the opposite side from her house so if her parents looked outside they wouldn't see anything). I pulled her to me and started kissing her again, feeling her tight butt and pressing my aching hard cock against her abdomen. 'Can I have one, too?' I whispered in her ear. She giggled and said 'It would only be fair, but we have to hurry.' 'Don't worry about that!' I said. 'It was so hot making you cum like that I'm about to explode in my pants.' 'Well, we don't want that...' she said as she unzipped my jeans and reached inside, pulling out my penis.

We started kissing again as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began moving her hand up and down. I unbuttoned her shirt and squeezed her amazing tits over her bra while she stroked me, and we alternately kissed or just looked into each others eyes or watched her hand on my cock. In less than two minutes the tingling in my penis was incredible and I knew I was about to cum. 'Oh, Stacy I'm about to cum.' I whispered in her ear. She didn't say anything, just kept pumping. I positioned myself so that my penis was aimed just above her belly button and stood on my toes, my back against the side of my truck, then it happened. The feeling was incredible. My sensitive cock exploded in pleasure, the first muscle spasm sending a shot of cum out of the head that reached all the way up to her right breast, splashing against the material of her bra. The second squirt splattered a few inches lower on her flat stomach, followed by the third and fourth onto the area of her belly button.

She just giggled and kept stroking while I moaned and came, came and moaned, spilling my cum eagerly onto her hot body. The fifth and following few spurts of cum had lost most of their power, dribbling out onto her hand and the waistband of her jeans. I nearly collapsed to the ground it was so good. 'Feel better?' she giggled. 'That was amazing.' I said. She then smiled and brought her cum covered hand up to the cum that was slowly dripping down her stomach and rubbed it around her skin a little, then proceeded to lick some of the cum off of her hand. She then kissed me, her tongue salty with my cum, and whispered in my ear, 'Maybe next time we can use more than our hands...'

She buttoned her shirt, my cum still on her skin. 'You want to wipe off? I have some napkins in the truck?' I asked. 'It's ok,' she said. 'My panties are soaked and I need to change anyway. I'm so wet it feels almost like I peed myself.' We both laughed. I tucked my now limp and cum wet penis into my jeans and zipped up. We kissed goodnight and I drove away.

Later her prophecy did come true as we used much more than our hands on each other, but that is for another forum... I do love the 'innocent' Catholic school girls...



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