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Carrie's Birthday

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It was Carrie's 21st Birthday, 1998 and I was walking her home from the club, the same club where one night shortly after we first met she had brazenly rubbed my cock through my trousers whilst we stood watching the band, the guitar player had clearly seen her take both hands to the bulge of my straining erection as he had glanced at my crotch and given me a wink. We had split up three months prior to her Birthday and I was walking her home as I lived closest to her out of our circle of friends. She was looking cute having dolled herself up for the night, her hair newly dyed blonde and cut into a bob that exposed her neck, very different from the long haired goth chick that I had dated. Even the patchouli she habitually wore that rankled my nostrils was replaced with a musky vanilla scent that was a definite turn-on.

Carrie loved sex more than any woman that I had previously met, she loved wanking and she fucked with an abandon that was all about her getting off, her hips bucking to the rhythm that would bring her to orgasm. It being her Birthday she would definitely want sex and I resolved that I was not going to be the one to give it to her, we had split up and I was not going to let her back into my life. As we walked back she was talking about the sexual partners that she had had since we split up, the shy boy who treated her too well, that she thought was scared of his own dick, the older guy that made her dress in a rubber maids outfit who struggled to get it up. As she described the cocks that she had had since we split up, their size and thickness, their pubes and the amount of cum that she would drain, I became aroused. I could feel my cock hardening in my pants and as we walked my foreskin rubbed against the fabric of my underwear exacerbating the situation.

Carrie continued talking about her sex life as we reached the front door of the flats with her concluding that, '... all I really want is some really dirty sex, you know?' and flipped me a glance that left me in no doubt as to what she was suggesting. She then said, 'Do you mind walking me up the stairs, the guy on the third floor is a bit weird and he won't bother me if you are there'. I agreed, but promised myself that I was not going to sleep with her, just walk her to the door and leave. She took my hand and led me into the communal entrance and up the winding Victorian staircase. As she walked ahead of me I could see the pert outline of her bum under her short dress giving further cause for my cock to betray my good intentions. As we reached the landing of the third floor Carrie pulled me in for a deep kiss, her mouth open, her tongue pushing against mine, her hands forcefully pulling at the zip of my trousers and releasing my cock. She pumped it fiercely, stretching my foreskin over my bulging glans and I responded slipping my hand violently up the front of her skirt, and down into her knickers, through her pubes and into her already wet cunt, quickly finding her clit and vigorously wanking it in time with the fast pace she had set on my cock. This was intolerable, I was supposed to be staying away from exactly this situation, the only weird guy on the third floor was me with my cock out and with my hand in my randy ex's dangerously enticing snatch.

I pulled away, saying that we shouldn't be doing this and I put my cock in my pants. Carrie smiled, her heavy lidded eyes saying come hither, she reached into my trousers and led me by the cock up the final flight of stairs, releasing me three steps before the door where upon she climbed the stairs and opened the door. She turned to me dropped her knickers and lifted her skirt revealing the dense, dirty blonde triangle of her bush and said, 'Are you sure you aren't coming in?'. I nodded, fighting my instinct to bound up those stairs and stick my face in her glorious cunt. She sat down on the doorstep and spread her legs, showing me her cunt at eye level, the clit engorged and poking out between moist lips. I was up the stairs in a single stride, we crashed into her flat, her tights around her ankles and my trousers soon around mine we careered around the flat finally grinding against the breakfast bar sending glasses and plates flying. I pulled off Carrie's blouse and bra and took her pale tits in my mouth, the nipples hard, her small breast filling my mouth. Her hand was again on my cock, her grip firm and her other hand playing my balls which as my arousal grew were pulled tight in to my body. I reached for her clit and she moaned and upped the tempo on my cock. Her thin small frame smelt strongly in the hot August night and the smell of her sopping cunt was over powering. 'You stink', I said affectionately and she laughed and bit my tongue. 'Let's take a shower', she said, pulling me by the cock to the shower cubicle.

Climbing inside I soaped her tits and then began rubbing her pussy. The water hammered down on my head as I worked my fingers up along her snatch. Carrie arched her back to allow me better access as I fingered her cunt whilst rubbing her clit with my thumb, introducing two and then three fingers. With my spare hand I soaped my cock and wanked myself slowly, incredibly turned on. As I fingered her I slowly inched my little finger onto the pucker of her arse and with the slick of my saliva, Carrie's cunt juices and the soap, my finger slipped into her arsehole up to the knuckle. Carrie's pubes were now drenched and the drips of water that beaded in her cunt hair sparkled in the electric light. Carrie's hips started to buck as she took control of the speed of the foreplay and she rode my hand until she came, pushing my whole hand into her cunt as she ground against it.

Kissing me she started to wank me off, telling me that she wanted me to fuck her hard. We went to her bedroom when disaster struck, we had no condoms. Nobody was going to get laid. Carrie lay on her side and yawned, it was dawn and the sky was turning from black to grey. I hadn't come yet and my balls were swollen. Lying facing each other we both began to wank ourselves, 'I bet you come first', I said to Carrie, 'I'll race you'. Carrie was a serious wanker, she took self-pleasure very seriously and she dug into her clit at a fast rate, her hips raised and she was soon panting in my face as she found her groove. I met the challenge pumping my cock as fast as I could, already thinking about the moment when I would explode, sending arcs of cum over my ex's naked body. To help her along I got to my knees and began fingering her cunt, once again slipping my finger into her arse hole. Carrie responded by taking her free hand and massaging my perineum, finally maneuvering her index finger over my arse hole and slipping it inside. As she touched my prostate it sent me over the edge. I came. I spunked powerfully, the first ejaculation flying high into the air, landing who knows where, whilst my arsehole contracted hard against Carrie's finger. The second hit me in the chest and dribbled warmly into the hair on my stomach, the remainder I directed at Carrie's tits and pubes. Carrie continued her wanking and she brought herself off shortly afterwards, her body jerking violently with the force of her orgasm.



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