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CAR JACKING by Ben (Benjblack@hotmail.com)
This story happened around five years ago when I pulled into a rest stop on 684 in New York. I saw a guy sitting in his car and was pretty sure he was wanking while he was sitting there. So I walked right up to his window and confirmed for sure that he was jacking off. I could tell from a distance he was doing it, could just tell the way he was looking at me, his mouth was open a little and you see he was breathing heavy. As I walked up to him, he kept looking at my dick, and I guess I was already boning up, so I was showing a nice bulge. I looked in his window and told him he looked hot doing that. He said, "You know what I'm doing?" and I could tell he was into talking and someone watching him. I told him his dick looked hot, that he was making me hot watching him do that. Just began talking nasty stuff to him.

At first he was trying to hide his meat under a magazine until he saw me into his shit and heard me say that. He liked me talking that nasty pig talk to him, then I saw his bone --a nice big piece of stiff meat. He kept talking the hot stuff I like, asking me if I like watching him jerk off his fat stiff dick. Did I think his dick was big, do I like stiff cock and masturbating. Asked me if I jerk off a lot, all the while rubbing his dick real hard and fast. Even thinking about his prick now, it was real big!!! The whole scene was so hot. I was gonna get in the car and jerk off with him, but the scene was so hot me just standing there talking about him doing it, I didn't want to ruin it, so I whipped mine out and he looked at it and continued masturbating fast and furious. I was facing the traffic and sort of hidden behind his car, so if another car came in, I could see it right away. But it was cool, no other car pulled in and I guess there was no one in the rest rooms because there were no other cars around. About two minutes later, after hearing him talk about his meat and ask me all those hot questions, both of us jerking like crazy, he said he was cumming.

I was boned up and on the edge too. So I told him I was ready to shoot on his car. He said yeah, go ahead. Would make him hot to see it there later. So all of a sudden he shoots his wad way up. Fucken shit went all over the place in his car. Must do it all the time. Hot car with all those cum stains. And then I shot my load all over his car door too. Didn't care if another car did come in at that point, I was just so damn hot. He said I should shoot it on him, so I lifted my dick high and shot some in his window on him too. Really turned us both on. A hot freaky scene. Only happened to me once. I wish I could do that again, just writing about this gets my dick hard and I feel like shooting a big load. Anyone else have any car jacking experiences with someone else? I don't mean just jacking off while driving --I mean with another guy. I love hot dirty stories, so if you want to email me I'll answer all pigmail.



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