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Can't Believe I Used To Do This

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Not sure if this is a male solo or mf story. It only involves me masturbating but includes some females. This took place about 10 years ago when I was a teenager, believe I was 15 or 16. It's titled I can't believe I used to do this because of how risky it was, and somewhat taboo as it involved family members, them being my mom and younger sister. When I was younger I, like all teen boys, was horny a lot and sex was often on my mind. There was really no mental limits, and I will admit I found my mom and sister attractive and have masturbated to them. Not sure if this is normal behavior or if I had issues, but they were rather attractive ladies, and being younger I really didn't have much exposure to other girls or female bodies at that point. My sister had lots of friends that would come over often, and we had a large pool in our backyard where we would all go swimming just about every day in the summer. This was pretty much my only exposure to girls not wearing much and you can bet my eyes were not kept to myself. Especially when she or her friends would have sexy bikinis on, you can bet I was masturbating a lot that night. This story however took place on one of those days, I decided to share this one though because unlike most of those times where I would watch and excuse myself to the bathroom to relieve myself, on this occasion I risked everything and jerked right there in the pool by them. I remember my mom was out with us in her two piece, one she didn't wear often unless she was tanning, and my sister had one of her hotter friends over, and both of them also sporting two pieces. Skin was definitely being shown, and my hormones were just flowing. We all played in the pool for awhile, and later the two girls got out. I stayed in and hovered close to the end. They sat down next to my mom who was laid out reading a book. They started talking and what not amongst themselves and I just let my eyes wonder. I eyed them and my mom from head to toe, taking in all I could of their beautiful bodies. Before long it got too much and my penis started growing. I couldn't help myself they were all distracted and I was hidden by the edge of the pool under water, so why not I kept it up and soon was rock hard all the way. I wanted so bad to touch myself, and the idea just came to me. It was a golden opportunity. It took me a minute to build up the courage of what I was really about to do. I considered all the dangers, but decided there was no way I could be caught if I kept my movements slow. Carefully I made my move, making sure they weren't paying attention I gripped the waist band of my trunks and pulled the front down just enough to let my stiffy spring out. My heart was racing. I kept looking all around to make sure it was clear, yet trying my best to act casual so as not to draw any attention. Slowly I brought my hand to my dick and slowly stroked it. I knew I wouldn't last long with the girls right in front of me, I'll just do a little I thought and softly stroked while sneaking every look I could get. I would catch them look over and immediately stop, and start again when they looked away. In no time I was ready to cum, but told myself I wouldn't go all the way, and saw the girls were going to get back in. Panicked I let my suit back up and acted like I was playing. Thank god my scare deflated my boner quickly, and they suspected nothing. While they swam for some crazy reason I got the urge to cum in the pool. I don't know why but I really just wanted too. The hormones were taking over and at the time it seemed like a great idea. The thrill of it overpowered me, and I decided I would go for it when they got back out. Before long they did, and they told my mom they wanted to eat, this was my chance, they wouldn't be coming back. It was now or never and as they went over by my mom drying off, my trunks came back down. I went at it again, and slowly kept at it as my mom asked if I wanted anything. I said I would be in in a minute and watched as they left their towels and walked towards the door. I couldn't resist and I went all the way, watching all three of them as they started to walk away, and my orgasm came as my cum shot into the water. It was the craziest thing I had ever done. I could see my cum floating so I tried my best to rub it into my suit so no one would see it. When my boner died down I casually got out and dried off and went to the bathroom. I was still turned on but what I had done and I rinsed off in the shower and had to jerk it again, and a final time that night. Not sure if it was a normal thing to do, I still find them all attractive ladies as they are, but never tried to cross any lines over that.



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