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Canoeing With Larry

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This took place in 1980 when I was 15.

I got a summer job at a local factory even though I was underage. I think the manager knew, but he gave me the job anyway. There were many college guys who worked there to earn money for school. Larry was one of them. He was from out west somewhere, around 21 or 22 at the time. He seemed like an okay guy but was something of a loner. I used to sit with him sometimes in the cafeteria. He had lots of interests, like boating and fly fishing. He even owned his own car and had brought his canoe along for the summer.

The last week of August Larry asked me if I would like to go out canoeing. I sure would. On Saturday morning he arrived at my house to pick me up. I was impressed when he pulled up in front of our house, a green canoe tied down to the roof of his old Chevy. My mom was a bit reluctant because I didn't have any experience canoeing but Larry assured her that he would watch out for me. And I was a good swimmer. So off we went.

We launched the canoe down at the river and soon were paddling out into the 'big water'. There are hundreds of islands in the river delta, so it's an intersting area to explore. Once we crossed into Lake Huron, the water turned clear and green. We pulled the canoe up on the beach on one of the islands and got ready for a swim. As was common back then, we both had worn our swim suits under our jeans so we were all ready for a swim. We left our clothes with the canoe and jumped into the water. It was a warm day and the water was nice and refreshing.

A short time later Larry yelled to me that skinny dipping was a lot nicer. He pulled off his bathing suit while swimming around and threw it to shore, challenging me to do the same. I was shy about anyone older seeing my 'equipment'. And I was still quite skinny for a 15 year old. But eventually I wiggled out of mine too and threw it onto the beach. Skinny dipping is definitely nicer than wearing a swim suit.

After a while, we left the water and lay out in the sun to dry off. I saw Larry's cock and balls when he walked out of the water. The cold water had made his cock shrink right back into his pubic hair. All that showed was his circumcised cock head. But what a big knob. It looked just like a door knob or maybe a small orange. I couldn't see any of his shaft because it was all shrunken back into his crotch, just his cock head sticking out from a black bush of hair. His ball sack was covered with black hair and was all shrunken up too. He lay down on his back in the sand. Larry had really thick thighs and legs, sort of a match for his fat cock head.

Just to compare, my own cock shrinks in cold water too but not that much. You can still see lots of my shaft even when I'm really cold. I'm not circumcised and my foreskin droops a bit over the end of my cock when I'm soft.

After a few minutes of basking naked in the sun, Larry asked me if I jerked off. When I said yes, he suggested we do it right now. The island beach was deserted and there was no sign of any boat traffic on the delta. When I looked over at him, I saw that his cock was getting hard. It got no longer than 5 inches but it was really thick. It looked as thick as a coke bottle. With that door knob on the end. I think the thickness of his cock made it look short.

By this time I was getting hard, too. My hard cock is a little shorter than six inches, maybe 5 3/4. But thinner than Larry's, so it looked much longer. He said I had a really long cock. I told him that his was the fattest I had ever seen. Larry was already stroking but I had to take care of some 'clean up' before I got started.

Not being circumcised, my cock head produced a lot of 'cock cheese'. (For those of you who are circumcised, cock cheese is white crusty stuff that forms under the foreskin and sort of cakes on under there. You're supposed to wash it off regularly. But with working, and summer, and sweating a lot, I had not gotten to it for awhile. It falls off in flakes or chunks when you pull back the foreskin. Its real name is 'smegma' I think.) As soon as I started to stroke, bits of 'cheese' fell from my cock head. Larry was fascinated so I peeled back the skin completely to show it to him and knocked off the rest of the 'cheese' onto the sand.

Suddenly he reached over and put his fist around my cock and started to stroke me. I just lay back and let him go ahead. My friends and I had jerked off together many times. He seemed fascinated by the way he could slide the skin right over the end of my cock head. In a couple of minutes I felt the juices building up and soon I shot a load of cum all over my belly and down Larry's fist, too.

Then Larry asked me to jerk him. Man, his cock was so fat I could hardly get my hand around it. It's very different jerking off someone without a foreskin because you can't stroke the cock head and the skin on the shaft doesn't slide as easily.

His cock head was so big. The skin on it was really tight and purple. His shaft part seemed only about three inches long. Larry lay back on the sand, closed his eyes and crossed his feet as I did my best to 'dry stroke' him. Soon enough, he said he was going to cum. He spread his thick legs open and stiffened them, then shot off the biggest load of cum I have ever seen. I was surprised at the amount he shot out. None of my friends had that much cum in them. But then none of them had big balls like Larry's. He had blobs all over his belly and chest.

We stayed laying in the sand for another little while. Then the cum started to turn watery and run off our bellies so we went back into the water to rinse off. We got into our bathing suits and paddled back to where the car was parked. Mom asked me how it went and I told her it was the greatest boat trip I ever had. It was the last weekend of August and Larry left for home a few days later.

I've never told anyone about this incident but I've often thought about it over the years. Although I've seen many guys in changing rooms, I haven't seen them with hard-ons of course. So I don't know if Larry's cock was as monster thick as it looked to me back then. I definitely have never seen another cock head as big as his.

And the amount of cum he ejaculated was amazing. Larry's belly and chest were covered with cum that day. It seemed to me that he shot out a half cup of the stuff. I think that's physically impossible, so it must have been a lot less. But at the time, Larry sure impressed me: his car, his canoe, his fat cock, and, especially, all the cum he could shoot.



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