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Cancelled Game

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This is the true story of how a bus breakdown led to the very best discovery.


From what I've read in Solo Touch most boys seem to learn how to masturbate by the time they are 12 or 13, often younger than that. But I've read a few stories about boys who were quite a bit older. A guy I know told me that he did not learn how to jerk off until he started college. He claims his girl friend showed him the 'ropes' - no pun intended. That story is a bit hard to believe. But honestly, I didn't learn how to jerk off until I was 15 years old. That's not quite college age but still old enough. I was a sophomore in high school.

Like many others, it was a visiting cousin who showed me how. Alex was 17 back then. He and his parents stayed at our house overnight on their way West. Both our parents went out to shop or something and I had a soccer game to play. Alex didn't want to come along with me so he stayed at home to play video games.

As it turned out, the game was cancelled because the opposing team's bus broke down. So I went home early. I parked my bike out back and went into the house. There was no sign of Alex. My bedroom door was closed but I could hear the CD playing. As I opened the door, there was Alex lying on my bed completely naked, his knees propped up and legs wide apart. He was stroking his cock. He stopped dead when I came into the room, wondering what I was doing home so soon. Seeing him naked surprised me and I said something like 'What's up? Are you going to take a shower or something?'

I really did not know what masturbation was despite hearing jokes about 'jerking off' in the change room at school and at soccer practice. Look, I know there is sex all over the internet but when you don't know what you are looking for in the first place, how are you supposed to find these things out? Wet dreams had begun a year or two before but I didn't know there was anything else between having wet dreams and having sex with someone. Wet dreams were a real pain in the butt. Like having crusty shorts in the morning and sometimes stained sheets.

Alex had stopped stroking when I came into the bedroom and said 'I'm jerking off Jason. Don't you jerk off?' I said I didn't know anything about it. Within about 60 seconds, Alex proceeded to give me all the necessary details. I quickly kicked off my runners, my soccer shorts, jock and t-shirt. I climbed onto the bed naked beside Alex, and started to stroke my cock. It felt good but Alex assured me it got REALLY NICE if you kept it up for a few minutes. I was an eager learner and watched him stroke his shaft.

Soon Alex said he was going to cum and with his free hand he reached down to his ass. He seemed to be rubbing his asshole. Within seconds he moaned and started shooting ropes of cum all over his stomach and chest. All this excitement made the gears kick in for me too. 'I think it's building up' I told him. 'Rub your asshole with your finger. It'll feel even better.' he told me. I started to rub. And then my first orgasm hit me with a wallop. Man, it was like being knocked over by one of those big waves on the surf but in this case it was all intense pleasure. The lower part of my body was exploding. The sensations in my cock and balls, my belly and my ass were all so intense I could hardly bear it. I cried out loud as I went over the brink and shot cum right up to my chin. Oh, man was it nice. That was my first orgasm and will never forget it.

And it was exhausting. There we both lay, our bellies and chests covered in cum. Alex laughed a bit and said 'So that was your first time? Man you are a slow learner. But you've got lots of cum in those balls.' I didn't have time to savor the moment because just then we heard the garage door opening up so our parents were back. We both wiped off with our t-shirts and Alex ran to the shower before anyone came into the house. I quickly got back into my jock and soccer shorts. Mercifully, the tight jock hid my hard cock, giving it a few minutes to soften. My legs felt weak from the intense orgasm. I met my dad out back. He asked about the game and what Alex and I were up to. 'The game was cancelled, Dad. So Alex and I just hung out.' Little did he know how happy I was that that the other team's bus had broken down. I went for a shower as soon as Alex got out of the bathroom and did my first shower jerk off.



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