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Camping With My Cousin

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A recollection of last summer's holidays.


This summer, our family spent two weeks on holidays at my Uncle, Aunt and cousin's place.   We travel to see them about 3-4 times a year an we always have a good time.   My cousin is a bit conservative in most things but is very bright in his studies.   He is 18 years old and just completed his HSC and I am 17 and have just started my HSC this year.   Both of our families were to go camping for a few days in the Jamieson and Aberfeldy region in Gippsland, about a two hour drive from Melbourne.   The scenery is breathtaking and I love visiting the country.   There are some good bush walking trails around there as well as good fishing.

My uncle was called into work earlier than expected and our car wasn't going all the best, so we had to scrap that idea.   It was James, my cousin, who offered to take just the both of us there for a couple of days.   We convinced our parents that it was safe and ok to go there.   Eventually, they gave in and we took off the next day.

It was the middle of summer and the day was very hot.   On the way there we talked about almost everything.   Our schooling took up a fair amount of our time and then I asked Jim if he had a girlfriend yet.   He said he never had time for a girlfriend as he always had his nose stuck in a school book.   I had had a couple of boyfriends, but nothing serious.   I have been sexually active since the age of 14, but according to Jim, he is still a virgin.   In our talks he admitted to wanking off or "Jerkin the gherkin" as he calls it.

We arrived there early afternoon and followed a bush track to a private spot near the Aberfeldy River.   A clear mountain stream greeted us with rock pools and good for keeping cool in.   I helped Jim pitch our four man tent and got our bedding in order.   By the time we were finished we were both very hot and sweaty.   I suggested we go for a swim in the crystal clear water to cool off.   Jim replied that we hadn't any bathers and I told him "Who needs bathers in a place like this?"   At home, I had often swum in our backdoor pool naked, when my parents were out.   I disrobed in front of Jim, much to his disbelief, and plunged into the ice cold water.   I beckoned for Jim to come and join me and eventually he overcame any hang-ups he had and joined me.   His cock was half hard and bouncing from side to side as he ran towards the water and looked so funny.   Jim is over 185cm tall or just over 6ft, with not an ounce of fat on him.   In fact he is quite a good middle distance runner, so he is super fit as well.   I am 5'-7" tall, slim and have flaming red hair.

We splashed around in the water and played for a while.   Jim commented on my body saying it looked really great. As the water was clear, I could see by now he had a raging hard-on.   He looked so cute and nowhere to hide it.   We climbed out and sat on our towels on a sandy bank and started talking.   I told Jim we had better put some sun lotion on or we would get awfully burnt very quickly.   Having fair skin and lots of freckles, I burn very easily.   Jim went to the car and brought back the sun-block.   I lay on my tummy and asked Jim to rub some on my arms, legs, back and backside.   He said, sure, I can do that.   He started on my arms and then went to my back.   Before starting on my legs, I got a little cheeky and teased him a bit by opening my legs a bit.   He started on my legs and worked his way up.   I told him he had to put some inside my thighs as well.   He hesitated for a while, but finally started rubbing in there.   He "accidentally" brushed against my pussy lips a few times which really turned me on.

I flipped over, exposing smallish but firm and pointy breasts, white skin and a red furry covered pussy.   I told him he has to fully cover me with sunscreen, including my breasts.   I closed my eyes and just lay back.   It was a wonderful feeling to be touched all over.   After rubbing around my breasts, my nipples hardened as he moved down to my flat tummy.   I could feel his trembling hands work down further, into my pubic mound and into my thighs;  I was in heaven.   Jim said to me it was my turn now to protect me from the sun.   I quickly agreed as I was really enjoying this.   He started on his tummy and I rubbed his neck, arms, back, buttocks and started on his legs.   He opened his legs and I worked my way up into his groin area, brushing against his hairy balls.   He started moaning and groaning saying how well it felt.   I said it was time to turn over and he was a bit reluctant to do so.   I asked him what was wrong?   He said he was a bit embarrassed as he had a hard-on.   I laughed and told him I had seen lots of hard-ons and it had never worried me before.   When Jim turned over, his hot cock was throbbing and was as hard as a rock.   I rubbed his neck, arms, chest and stomach.   As I worked up his legs, his cock was still rock hard.   I got a handful of lotion and started rubbing his cock, making it even harder.   I had it in my hand, standing vertically up, and massaging it with both hands wrapped around the shaft.   He was circumcised and his head was standing up like a German helmet.   Before long, Jim spurted cum up into the air and all over his tummy. I was as horny as anything watching him cum.   Jim stammered out a thank you and said he really enjoyed that  . He said it was the first person other than himself, which had masturbated him.

He asked me if I masturbated and I said I always do in bed.   Jim wanted to see me do it and how I do it. I put on a real show for him and then offered to let him finish me off.   He accepted my offer and started rubbing around my clit while my legs were wide open.   I pulled back my pussy lips and asked him to insert a finger inside my pussy and poke hard and fast while rubbing my clit with his other hand.   I soon came and just lay back on my towel, exhausted.

We jumped back into the river and cleaned up and went back to our tent.   After dinner, we chatted for ages before retiring on our air mattresses.   We both agreed that what we did that afternoon was great and would have to do it again before we had to go home.   That night was rather dark as it was only a quarter moon.   There were night noises from owls and other wandering creatures nearby.   I was as scared as shit and moved my mattress beside Jims and cuddled up to him tightly.   He told me there was nothing to be sacred of, no monsters, no mass murderers or anything bad out there.   I wasn't so sure so I clung tight to Jim.   I let my hand wander down to his cock and he soon reacted to my advances.   His cock soon hardened up as I slowly rubbed his cock and tickled his balls.   I then started to give him a hand job.   I whispered in his ear."have you ever had a blow-job before?"   He said he hadn't but would love one.

As I was blowing him, I had him insert his finger in my pussy and rub me.   This resulted in another wonderful orgasm by both of us.   We cuddled up together and fell asleep in each others arms.   It was light around 5.30 in the morning and the trill of the larks woke me.   I was still in heaven over what happened the previous day and night.   I lowered my hand and found Jim was sleeping with a hard-on.   I rubbed myself to get my lubrication going    Before long, I was very moist and ready for sex.   I pulled back the sheets over us, exposing his hard cock. I can't describe here what happened next but it was amazing.....

We are both back at school and probably won't get to see each other again until Easter time. I think his family is coming to stay with us for a few days. I can't wait to swim in our pool naked with him and have pure sex and enjoyment with him. This was a holiday I will never forget.



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