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Camping With My Best Friend

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My best friend Jack and I had been hanging out, since he moved here the year before. We were both 13 and we did almost everything together. For example, we went bicycling, we ate at one another's house, we went swimming, we went to the movies, we shared comic books and we shared CDs.

One day, Jack and I had been looking through some magazines about outdoor life, and some of the magazines had advertisements of camping equipment. Suddenly, I saw an ad for tents, and we both thought it would be so cool to have a tent in which to sleep outside. So I asked my dad, if he would get one for me and he said he'd have to discuss it with my mom and he'd think about it.

Well, a few weeks later, my dad came home from work with a large package and he said it was for me. I was so excited that I could hardly wait to open it. When I did open the package, I found a pup tent which was big enough to sleep two people. I immediately got on the phone to tell my friend Jack about the tent, and we decided we wanted to sleep out in my parents' back yard.

I didn't have a sleeping bag, but Mom gave me several blankets to use, and Jack had a sleeping bag that two people could fit into. It was so exciting setting up the tent and preparing to 'camp out.'

Well, the day arrived for our outdoor experience. We had a big lantern with a dry cell battery and we stocked the tent with soda pop, potato chips and other snacks. We were going to have a great time, a time I would never forget.

That summer evening, we could hardly wait for it to get dark, and when the darkness arrived, we turned on our lantern to find our snacks and soda pop. It was awesome! We were also having fun scaring each other and joking around too.

It was around midnight, when we finally decided to go to sleep. I between my blankets and Jack in his sleeping bag. First though, we took off our clothes, all the way down to our underpants. I was wearing briefs, and Jack was wearing boxer briefs. Jack noticed I was staring at the bulge between his legs. No, he didn't have a hard-on, he was just big down there. All of a sudden, Jack said he'd show me his, if I showed him mine first. I was a little embarrassed because I could see that I was nowhere as big as Jack was. But, I was curious enough that I just pulled my briefs down and let him get a good look. He smiled and pulled down his boxer briefs. Gawd! His dick was huge, and so were his balls. He even had dark pubic hair surrounding his cock and some on his ball sack. And there I was, I was obviously not as mature down there as Jack. My dick was small, and I had no pubic hair.

We just grinned and laughed and played with ourselves, until we both had boners. I thought Jack's was absolutely fantastic, and he asked me, if I'd like to feel it. There was definitely no hesitation! I had never been that close to a dick that big, let alone feel one, inspect it and play with it. Then, Jack began to feel mine and played with it. It felt totally awesome!

Next, Jack asked if he could jack me off, and I said he could, if I could jack him too. There we were lying on top of my blankets and his sleeping bag, jacking each other's dick at the same time. Suddenly, Jack started to breathe heavily and he was moaning. That was when I saw real live cum for the very first time. There were about 3 or 4 shots of hot cum squirting from his beautiful dick all over his smooth abs and my hand. Yes, it wasn't too long after Jack shot his load that I was having an orgasm too, but it was dry - no cum. I knew that was going to happen, but Jack said I would probably cum in a month or so. He didn't seem to care. I knew he was enjoying himself as much as I was.

So, after getting each other off, we decided to go to sleep. But, we didn't go to sleep and we jacked each other 3 more times that night and once more in the morning.

Little did I know that this was the first of many sexual experiences I would have with my best friend Jack.

(To be continued ...)



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