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Camping Showers with Dan

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When I was 16 I went camping with friends for a week, and because we were all young and a bit shy there was no way we were jerking off on an evening. I was absolutely desperate to jerk, especially as everyone was still pretty open when getting changed in the tent and I was curious. I've been bi since about 13 but never acted on it, and this was the first time.

One morning after going to get food I stumbled into the tent to see my friend Dan getting out of his sleeping bag and putting his boxers on. He was a little hard and his cock was absolutely huge. He was 15, turning 16 that weekend, so I was amazed to see this huge hairy dick hanging between his legs - it must have been seven inches. I started to feel my boner rise in my shorts but he kinda smiled when he saw my gaze lingering way too long on that big cock of his, so I nervously laughed and picked up my towel and walked out to the shower block. Dan shouted "wait up!" and soon came out the tent with his towel too.

Dan was about 5'6", thin, slender and athletic, brown hair. I was 6', medium build and broad shouldered. I still saw that his cock was pointing outwards a bit under his shorts, and he pretended nothing had happened at first, until I put my towel in front of my hardening cock. We were about halfway to the shower block and he asked bluntly: "you gonna jack off?" I didn't know what to say, and nervously laughed. He said "well, I am, I've been wanting to for a couple of days!" I said I probably could wait, but couldn't help but notice he was getting a bit bigger.

Anyway, we went to the showers and they were tiled cubicles with curtained entrances. He got into his, took his shorts and t-shirt off and pushed it on. I was putting my stuff next to the lockers and hadn't noticed. We were the only ones there, the campsite was dead, and he didn't draw his curtain. He started lathering up with shower gel and all I could hear was this repetitive sound. I turned around and all I see was this perfect ass all wet from the shower, and his hands are working at his cock. I couldn't stop watching and he looked over his shoulder and smiled, his eyes closing as he turned 90 degrees to show this massive cock, completely stiff, soaped up. He was stroking the full length and massaging his balls. He kept looking at me and I couldn't move. I just took down my shorts to show my stiff cock and he flicked his head to beckon me in. I walked in and closed the curtain.

He grabbed the shower gel and squirted it directly on my cock. I gasped as it was cold, and again as his hand grabbed my hard dick. He rubbed it up and down a couple of times and I nearly came on the spot, and pulled my cock away in shock. He smiled, turned around and continued to jerk, but I put my hands around him and grabbed his cock. I put my other hand around his waist and held his balls, and he reached back and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me towards him - my cock was then resting pointing upwards on his wet ass crack!

I was so horny. He put his hands against the shower wall and I grabbed more soap to put all over his cock. I rubbed it in and it foamed up, and played with his huge dick - it must have been seven inches, and bigger than mine. He panted and gasped and within a minute, he fired out thick globs of cum all over the shower wall. He stayed pressed against the shower wall and I didn't know what to do, but I thought I'd gotten that far so just went all out. I was so horny that I just got some more gel, soaped up my cock and grabbed his waist before rubbing myself up and down his ass crack. In about 15 seconds I came hard, up his back, and nearly slipped over out of shock.

It wasn't the last time we had fun that holiday - we ended up sneaking off a lot after that! - so I'll share more some other time.



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