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Camping Masturbation Exhibitionism

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You will never believe what I did while camping!


The morning was chilly and my toes were cold. The sun had not peeked over the mountain horizon yet. My tent was surrounded in acres of century old pine trees with an ever present aroma of campfire ashes in the air from the night before. I woke up to find my hands on my chest. I slept with my clothes on the night before but the funny thing was that I found myself completely naked in my sleeping bag. I always sleep in the nude at home and I guess my body wanted nothing to do with clothes that night either. My hands then traced down my tanned and toned body to my abdomen. I continued to rub down my torso and stopped at my shaven pubic hair mound. I like grazing and playing with my shaved pubic hair (I love it when my wife kisses me on my abs and hair it is such a turn on). I continued to guide my hands further down finally reaching my cock in full attention, as it was begging to be touched! I was horny and hard but I could not play with myself at the campsite as there were too many people around my tent. So I unzipped the sleeping bag, looked down at my naked body and pulsing firm dick and had to get dressed.

Later that day we all went down to the river. It was surrounded by large boulders and ice cold water ripping in between them. We all jumped in and just enjoyed the day soaking up the sun and laying out. The water was cold and the sun was getting hotter. I always seem to get horny when the sun is on my semi naked body! I got bored of laying around and wanted to venture down to explore the river. There were several boulders to climb and I had to jump on several stones to get to the other side but I was determined to see how far I could go. I got pretty far from the group and I knew it would take a while for anyone to get to where I was at. I looked around and saw no one in sight. This is where it gets fun!

The further I got the more my hormones started taking over. This was a great opportunity to fulfill one of my fantasies of being naked in the woods! The sun was still warm and I began to warm up and decided to get wet. So I got daring, dropped my swimming trunks, and jumped in the cold water butt naked! It was liberating and erotic to swim naked! The water was freezing so I did not stay in for long but it was enough to get me aroused and curious! I got out and laid on a big smooth rock looking up at the trees and blue sky. There I was lying naked on a rock with the sun rays drying my wet nude body. This turned me on and I became more courageous! I got up and started to walk away from my clothes and walked along the river completely naked! I could feel the eyes of the forest watching me and I was so turned on by the fact that anyone could see me! It felt so free to be naked in the woods and I noticed that my cock was starting to swell! I wanted to be naked for as long as I could and so I decided to jump into the river to refresh myself!

I was in paradise and I started to have the urge to masturbate! I slowly got out of the water and I began to walk a few yards into the woods barefoot and naked. I turned back only to see my wet foot prints on the path of rocks. I then traced around a large tree near the river and found a nice spot where I could play with myself.

I laid down on a small rock with my feet barely touching the water and I began to stroke my growing cock! Although I was cold and wet, my dick had no problem getting hard! I was stroking my cock up and down and playing with my smooth balls. I was getting so turned on by the fact that I was masturbating by the river as the sun was warming my naked body! I looked down and noticed that precum began to erupt from my throbbing cock! I started to edge and I could not hold it much longer! It felt like an eternity and my mind was in a trance of ecstasy and pleasure! I then began to stroke faster and harder! As I pulled on my dick, I suddenly felt my body stiffen up and my toes curl in the water! I then shot several large streams of hot cum on the rock I was laying on and came very hard!!! My cock was oozing cum and it just kept pumping out! I could not believe how much cum I had! It felt so good and I was in heaven! I laid there for a while as the elation of the orgasm began to ease off. My cum was all over the place. I got up, looked around, saw no one, and ventured away from the spot.

I traced my evaporating wet foot prints around the tree and went back to my clothes. I then looked around again and jumped in the river one last time before getting dressed. I felt like I was being massaged by the ice cold water and being carried by mother nature. I then got out of the water and put my swimming trucks on. I could not believe what a great orgasm I had! I had fantasized about this for years and I finally fulfilled my nature exhibitionism. I will never forget it! Hopefully there will be more!



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