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Camping Adventures Pt. I

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Pleasing my lover and enjoying his taste…

I start by slowly and gently massaging his balls. I run my fingertips lightly across his skin, stroking my finger back and forth across his raphe. I gently cup him in the palm of my hand and give a gentle tug. I hear him give a small moan of pleasure. Continuing with my fingertips, I caress them up and down his shaft lightly with the barest of touches. He groans with anticipation as I feel his cock harden beneath me. I slowly grip the shaft and move my hand up and down just at the base of his dick. The feel of his swollen cock creates a wetness in my own panties.


I instruct him to stand up near the edge of our bed with one leg on the bed. I lay down on my side and take him in my mouth. His hard cock and salty taste on my tongue causes my clit to quiver in my sex. I swirl my tongue around the tip of his penis and give it a few hard flicks. He moans with anticipation and strokes my hair. I inch his length into my throat gently, allowing myself to enjoy his fullness as he penetrates my throat. When he’s fully engorged into my mouth, I moan emphatically, sending vibrations down his shaft. He gasps and thrusts himself deeper into my throat. I gently pull down on his ball skin as he continues to thrust his rock-hard dick into my mouth and throat. My tits are erect as I pinch and flick them while he fucks my mouth. After several minutes, I stop his hip thrusting and slowly drag my tongue and lips along his shaft as I pull his cock out of my throat.



He gently yanks on my hair and rolls my erect nipples with his finger and thumb. My panties are soaked with my wetness as my clit protests against my hair being pulled. I continue to lick and flick my tongue around the tip of his cock, tongue fucking his dick. His precum is thick and salty and tastes so fucking good. I lick my lips and pull back as strings of it drop onto my nipples. I slowly take all of him back into my mouth until his cock is at the base of my throat. I moan with excitement. He begins thrusting his hips as he fucks my face.



I slide my hand down into my slit, enjoying her slipperiness. My small clit is swollen and begging to be touched. I ignore her and massage the area around her as my fingers glide in and out of my sex. My lover can feel my anticipation building as I groan onto his throbbing cock. My bean is aching for pleasure as I pull him away from my mouth.



I tell him to lie on the bed as I straddle his legs and take him back into my mouth. I once again pull gently on his sack, stretching the skin taut. He shivers with arousal and pushes my head further down onto his dick. The scent of him is intoxicating. I reach down and gently graze my swollen clit with my thumb. I moan with pleasure as he encourages me to pleasure myself. I sit up and rub my hard nipples with my juices as he watches me. Our intense eye contact does me in as I twitch with a nipple orgasm. My sex is soaked and dripping onto the bed.



I take his hard dick back into my mouth and begin thrusting him into my throat. He groans and thrusts his hips to go deeper into my mouth. I reach my hand back down to my throbbing bean and begin to rub her over my thumb. My body shivers as my clit enjoys the attention. He continues to thrust himself into my mouth while I massage my clit. Just as I’m about to orgasm, he tells me he’s going to cum. I prepare my mouth to take in his hot and creamy load. I feel it shoot into my throat as I gulp it down while sucking on his tip. His cock twitches in my mouth as he cries out in pleasure.



My little swollen bean is throbbing as I pull up from his cock. He instructs me to finish myself, and I obey. I return to flicking my clit with my thumb as he twists and pulls on my perky nipples. I groan loudly and tell him I’m going to squirt. He tells me to squirt on his chest. I’m fiercely rubbing my clit as my orgasm builds up again. With a final pull on one of my nipples, my pussy pulses with an intense orgasm, squirting onto his cock and balls. I continue rubbing my clit as the second wave rolls through my body. I cry out as my hips buck forward and squirt again onto his chest and stomach. I continued straddling his legs as I caught my breath. He gently massages and squeezes my tits as little shockwaves continue down my body. He tells me that was hot and intense, just as his dick is already getting hard again. 




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