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Buying Nylons (Part One)

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A beginner's guide to buying stockings and pantyhose, for men.


It's not only wearing stockings and pantyhose that gives me an erotic thrill, it's also buying them. The whole process can add an extra frisson of excitement to your day, especially when you know you are going to masturbate wearing whatever you buy later. 

As a male nylon lover there are several options for how you go about buying tights and stockings. The first, and most discreet place to buy from (ironically), is any large supermarket. This, for me, is the easiest but least thrilling option, as the amount of contact with the sales assistant is minimal; products pass through the scanner quickly and anonymously, and it's even possible to self-checkout in most modern stores. If you are very shy or nervous about buying nylons, then I recommend this option. But for me, there's not enough contact with the sales assistant, which is crucial.

Much better is any local grocery store, corner shop or newsagent, depending on what they stock. When I buy from here I'm never bashful about what I'm doing. For maximum thrill, it's important that the shop assistant gets the idea that you intend to wear the nylons you are buying, and that they are not just an emergency purchase for your wife or girlfriend. The thrill comes from receiving a "knowing look" from the shop assistant - especially, for me, if that person is a middle aged female. If necessary, I make the whole sexual aspect even more explicit by buying a soft porn magazine as well, if the store sells them. This makes it very clear what my intentions are, and is guaranteed to get some kind of response - either of approval or disgust; both of which I enjoy.

Ultimately, though, sex shops are the easiest places from which to buy nylons if you are a man. And depending on who is working in the store you can be quite open - even explicit - about what you are planning to do. Most people who work in sex shops are very open-minded, and it can be quite thrilling to discuss what your plans are. It's also less unusual for men to buy pantyhose and tights from a sex shop, and if you are brave enough you can usually enjoy a little flirtatious conversation with the shop assistant that might arouse you for later, when you finally roll on your silky new purchases, and begin a long and luxurious masturbation session.

Incidentally, I was once in an Anne Summers store with my wife, and we enjoyed a very detailed conversation with a lovely young shop assistant about an anal vibrator we were thinking of buying. The girl told us she had used the particular model with her boyfriend with great success! I was so turned on I started to get an erection in the shop, which I'm sure the shop assistant noticed. It certainly helped later when my wife and I fucked - the anal vibrator lodged in my butt - and shared our fantasies about enjoying a threesome with she shop assistant!
In part two of this story I will tell you about one particular encounter I had while buying a new pair of stockings in a local sex shop. An encounter that went way beyond a simple flirtatious conversation. 



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