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Buying Clothes

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25 years ago I was just out of school and was driving across the country when I pulled off the highway one evening in a small city to find a Laundromat. I soon passed a men's clothing store advertising a big sale and figured I would go in. I got to the door as the manager, a thin bald man in his late 50's, was locking the door and flipping the sign to closed. He opened the door and said I could look quickly while he was closing up. I quickly chose some under shorts and shirts when the man mentioned a good sale on trousers, guessed my size, and pointed me to the back where he said there was a good selection. I selected two pairs to try on and was looking for the room to try them on when the manager joined me in the back corner where there was a fitting area with three mirrors. He suggested that we were alone and out of view of the front door and windows and he could hold my selections while I slipped into the pants right their at the mirrors. Rather than argue I stepped out of my jeans and stood there in my sagging boxer shorts and tried on the first pair. Without comment he slipped his hands in the front waistband and tugged them up and told me that they were worn higher but they still might be too baggy and as I looked at my profile in the center mirror I could see him looking at how they fit in the butt. I saw him poke at the fabric from the back and almost jumped when I felt his fingers lightly graze my testicles through the thin fabric. I was already erect when he said that I should try on the other pair.

I tried to turn my back further to him and had dropped the trousers when I realized that all seven inches of my young erection were sticking out of the fly of my underwear. I looked to my side at the mirror and saw that he was smiling and had a full view of my situation. I was struggling with the pants around my ankles when he said let me help you and he lightly drew a finger along the underside of my erection from the base to the frenulum under the head of my circumcised penis. It twitched up abruptly with the sensation. He said that he didn't think the other trousers would fit in the crotch unless we did something about the swelling. I stood there wordlessly as he formed a circle around my shaft with his thumb and middle finger and softly and slowly stroked it avoiding the huge drop of precum that glistened at the tip of my glans. He stopped and helped me out of the pants that were around my ankles and gently freed my penis from my boxers and lowered them so that he could tickle my scrotum, which had pulled up tight to my body ready for ejaculation. He aimed me at the mirror, told me to bend my knees slightly, and while he stood at my side and slightly behind me and stared at the mirror along with me he reached through my bowed legs to fondle my testicles while he went back to stroking my tight shaft with the other hand.

He told me to move closer to the mirror and after shuffling closer I felt the ejaculation come in pulses on the mirror with the man catching the remainder in his grip.



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