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Business Trips

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It takes a lot of courage to finally submit a story, but Solotouch has inspired me to be unashamed of my sexuality.
I am twenty-five years old and have been married to the love of my life, Adam, for the past four in a half years. Adam is a bronzed adonis-6'5', 255 pounds, and chiseled like a rock. He is the only man I've ever been with, intimately. Life is indeed perfect with Adam. We make love five to six times a week, when possible, and the sex is out of this world. The only problem is Adam's work schedule doesn't allow us to be as intimate as we would like. Sometimes, he is gone for 2 to 3 weeks at a time on business trips. Now, I am not ashamed to say that I consider myself a very sexual woman. I started masturbating at the age of ten and have been going at it ever since. But, the problem is, Adam is oblivious to my hobby. The topic of masturbation is not discussed in our household, and I always assumed that Adam had thought he was the only one giving me pleasure. Well, as you can imagine, Adam's absence for weeks at a time, put a huge strain on our sex life, but I knew I could always relieve myself with masturbation. But, little did I know that out of one particular business trip, would come maybe the greatest sex of our marriage...
Adam had been gone for three whole weeks-the longest duration of time that he had ever been away. I had started to get worried that Saturday afternoon because I hadn't heard from him in a whole day. To relieve myself of stress, I decided to take a bubble bath in our huge bathtub. I started to run the water and quickly ran down two flights of stairs, buck naked, to retrieve the bubble bath. Then, I quickly ran back upstairs to turn off the water. See, we have a three-story house and it takes a while to run up and down the stairs. Anyway, I poured in the bubble bath, turned off the water and went into our room, which is just adjacent to the bathroom, to get my bathrobe. The bathrobe somehow landed underneath the bed. So, buck naked, I was on my hands and knees trying to reach the bathrobe, because I was too lazy to walk around the bed. I couldn't reach it, so I had to drop to my stomach and reach further. Suddenly I got an exhilaration going through my body. My bare pussy felt so wonderful rubbing up against the carpet. The art of rubbing my pussy to floors had become my expertise growing up and I hadn't done it in a long time. So there I was, lying there, rubbing my throbbing pussy frantically on the floor. Usually I orgasm fast, but this wasn't doing the trick. So, I got up from the floor and sprawled out on the bed, where I madly rubbed my pussy. Little did I know, that in between my masturbating session, Adam had arrived home.
He caught the first plane in from New York to surprise me. Busy fingering my pussy, I hadn't heard him calling my name. So there I was lying on our bed with two fingers in my pussy, moaning insanely, with Adam awe struck and standing in our bedroom door. After five minutes of fingering myself, something, I don't know what, told me to open my eyes. I did, and there was Adam, in the doorway, his pants around his ankles, pumping his cock. I looked at him in shock and in ecstasy. I quickly covered myself with my robe when Adam took off his shirt and then his shoes and whispered, 'Wait...' He then reopened my robe to reveal my naked body and started kissing me. His kisses quickly moved from my lips to my neck, my neck to my erect nipples, and from there to my sweet throbbing ecstasy. Then as he spread my legs wide opened, he said, 'Hold on a sec.' That's when he left the room and ran downstairs. In the moment of passion I couldn't contain myself. That's when I reentered my fingers into my throbbing pussy soaked with my sweet juices. Adam came back up about two minutes later and said, 'Geez, you couldn't wait?' I nonchalantly nodded my head as I finished fingering myself. Adam then reopened my legs and took something out of a wrapper. That's when it happened. Adam was twirling a freezing cold popsicle inside the walls of my already wet pussy. I cannot explain how this felt. It sent shock waves throughout my entire body. That red popsicle, sliding and rubbing around in my pussy, and Adam's tongue, following its path. Adam then threw the popsicle to the other side of the room, all while twirling his tongue inside my walls. That's when I grabbed his head, kept it in place, and pushed his head deep into my pussy. Screaming in delight, moving my hips to the rhythm of his tongue. I came inside of his mouth. That's when he brought his lips full of honey upon mine in a passionate kiss.
We rolled over until I was on top of him. I went down and put his immense cock in my mouth. Sliding it in and out. Giving my bronzed adonis the same pleasure he had given me. Seeing his expression alone, gave me an orgasm. Then we rolled over once again until he was on top of me. He spreaded my legs opened and stuck his two long fingers inside my pussy. My hips rolling to the rhythm of his long, luscious fingers. After removing them, he entered his honey-soaked fingers into his mouth. That's when I couldn't take it anymore. I literally jumped onto his immense cock and gave him the ride of his life. Moaning his name, screaming,'Deeper...Harder...Faster...' I orgasm now, just to the thought. After climaxing about four times, we stopped. I lay on top of him, my bare breasts against his rock-hard body; his cock still in my pussy. He kissed my forehead, and then said, 'Honey, I didn't know you masturbated, too.' That being the only thing I needed to hear.
Now, when Adam goes on business trips, I have the pleasure of knowing he's getting pleasure, too. And now, our sex life is twenty times better...



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