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Business Meeting

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Being employed by a major advertising agency one needs to always look his best and be professional. I have met many clients over the years but no one as stunning as Sheila (not her real name). She is in charge of advertising for a major bank. We meet in the conference room near her office about once every other month to go over marketing strategies, new ways to advertise and so on.

On the day of our new meeting, I took from home a latex glove, lubed the inside of it with a combination baby lotion and petroleum jelly put it in a sandwich bag which then went into a suit pocket. I washed and dried my hands thoroughly.

I purposely arrived a bit early at the reception desk, to give me some time for the men's room. Once inside a stall, I lowered my trousers and cotton briefs, I usually wear boxers but for this occasion cotton briefs to help keep a warm and tighter fit are best.

I took the latex glove and put it on my slightly aroused cock. I then raised everything back, zipped up, washed my hands, went to the receptionist and was greeted by smiling Sheila coming down the hallway.

She looked drop dead gorgeous. On this day she wore an extremely nice white blouse and black skirt. I guess they call them 'nude' color pantyhose to show off those very hot legs, and black heels. Needless to say, when I saw her my cock stiffened in the squishy glove a bit. Not sure if she noticed because we immediately went to the conference room and sat down facing each other. I put my proposals and work on the table between us.

She began by telling me about the getaway weekend she had with her hubby. As she talked I listened and it stiffened more. Probably because we've been business associates for a number of years she told me in detail about a new negligee she bought for their romances 'Lucky guy' I thought. I was getting very hard when she described the negligee, picturing her in it. I purposely moved closer and jerked my hips a bit so my hard cock went deeper into this fake pussy, pretending I am inside her.

Suddenly she asks 'Do you smell something?' sniffing, she can smell my concoction!!! I am rock hard, ever so slightly moving my hips as my cock slides back and forth, feeling a bit of precum ooze out. 'Don't cum now' I thought to myself. 'Yes, it's baby lotion, my wife wasn't feeling well so I had to take care of our new baby, don't worry I washed my hands but the stuff just kind of lingers' I explained in a chuckling way.

'It's a nice innocent smell, I like it' she responds with a smile, If she only knew. I would move a bit in my seat so the cock could slide some more, at the same time I would adjust some papers on the desk so she would think nothing of it.

Then we talked about work, thank goodness. I didn't want to cum yet. So my cock lay more than semi-erect nestled in the lubricants. As we talked about work, I imagined her pussy and 'Mr. Happy' would become alive again moving in that warm greasy glove. Very slowly my hips would move, as I thought about being inside her.

After a while, the meeting was over, she needed to go back to the office and to 'take care of a few things'. I asked her if I could spend just a few more minutes in the conference room to work on the new proposal. She said this would not be a problem. We got up; I grabbed my legal size tablet of paper and held it in front of my trousers so she wouldn't notice my hard-on.

We shook hands, this beauty says 'Don't work too hard in there' with just a slight emphasis on the word hard, and she gave me that gorgeous smile and left. I shut the door and locked it, luckily there were no windows. I sat on the chair and moved my hand quickly over my crotch, while moving and gyrating my hips.

With closed eyes I thought about her, about her in that negligee, about her warm slippery pussy, about our conversation and about almost getting caught, then I thought maybe she suspected, I moved my hips and hand faster then cum shot out of the hsrdness and all over inside the slippery latex glove.

I waited a few minutes to relax. Then I gathered up all the papers and went to the restroom; to throw away the imaginary pussy, bury the evidence in the trash, and I left to face the real world.



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