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Buddy Tries to Teach Me

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Buddy tries to teach me how


I had a school friend named Joe who I messed around with. Joe and I would camp out in my backyard in a tent, and we would zip our sleeping bags together and take all of our clothes off and get into the bag together. We would take turns giving each other tours of our bodies. I remember getting inside the bag with my face at his crotch and just rubbing his hard cock all around my face. I'd lick it up and down and try to get the nerve to put it my mouth and feel it with my tongue. It never ended in orgasm---as we didn't even know what one was at that time, but I loved the warmth of his dick and rubbing my body on his and vice versa.

As we got older we played with each other less, but one night after dark, we were sitting in the front seat of his dad's car as it sat in the driveway. We decided to play truth-or-dare. At one point he dared me to move my hand up and down on my wiener until I got "a neat feeling." I had no idea what he was talking about. So he said he'd show me. He pulled his pants down and started stroking his already hard dick. I pulled down my pants and tried to copy what he was doing. We sat side-by-side in the car, and I moved my hand up and down, but nothing happened, mostly because I didn't really know what my ultimate goal was, and I didn't know what he meant by a "neat feeling." After a while, he said he had the neat feeling. I asked, "You did?" He said, "Yup." I said that I didn't think I had, and asked how I could tell. He said, "Oh, you'll know it." I said I didn't think I was going to get that feeling, so we stopped, and I was like, okay, but I still don't know what you mean.

On a side note, a few years before this incident, I'd somehow figured out that if I lay face-down on the floor on my hands and pressed really hard on my crotch, I would have this amazing feeling wash over my body. When I started, I wasn't old enough to ejaculate semen, so it wasn't messy, and I didn't think of it as sexual at all; I just knew it felt great. I could do it while I was fully clothed, but I found that it felt even better if I did it with my pants pulled down, so I'd often do it in the bathroom after I'd peed. Somehow I also figured out that the feeling was even stronger if I did it with the bathroom door open where someone could accidentally walk by and catch me. I never equated it with the sexual explorations I was doing with Joe (and several of my other friends), and I don't remember telling anyone about it.

Anyway, back to Joe and jerking in the car. Though I had actually been masturbating for a few years, I didn't do it by jerking, but by pressing hard on my crotch, so I didn't connect his "up and down neat feeling" with my "neat feeling."

Not long after the truth-or-dare game, I was in bed one night, and I woke up to the sound of my folks' bed springs squeaking rhythmically. (Their bedroom was next to mine and neither of us shut our doors at night.) I could hear my mother moaning and my father breathing hard and I realized they were having sex. Well, that made me hornier than fuck and gave me an instant boner. While lying in bed listening, I thought about the mechanics of sex and my dad thrusting his cock in and out of my in my mom, and I tried to think of a way I could simulate that feeling by myself with my own dick, so I wrapped my hand around my cock like it was a pussy and I thrust into my hand. Very quickly I got that same neat feeling that I got from lying on my hands, and it all made sense: THAT was what Joe meant by going up and down on your wiener and that was what he meant by the "neat feeling." After that I jacked off constantly. As my cock grew, I wasn't able to bring myself off by pressing on my crotch anymore, and I missed that because those orgasms always seemed more intense and I could make them last until I stopped pressing, so I would lie there as long as I could stand it. When I jerked, the feeling was great, but the neat feeling didn't last as long. Ah well. I made up for it by doing it that many more times a day.



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