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Buddy Booths

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The first time I discovered buddy booths.


Years ago as I was driving along the highway I saw a sign that said "Adult Outlet - Videos, Magazines, Arcade."  Being curious, I decided to stop and check it out.  I went inside and it was a standard adult video store with all of the above.  The DVDs were expensive, but you could buy one and get one free - still a little on the high side.  The arcade area had the usual setup with booths with a stool where you put in a dollar and watch videos.  The interesting thing with these booths was that they had windows with shades (called "Peek-a-Booth") on both sides that you could raise or lower to see into the adjacent booths if those shades were raised also.  There was no one around so I left and continued on my way.

Further down the road there was another sign that said the same thing - apparently a chain of stores.  I decided to stop at this one too.  As I walked down one of the aisles there was a man on the other side who caught my eye and made a motion with his eyes to the arcade area.  My initial reaction was just to ignore him since none of my fantasies involve a guy coming on to me.  He went back into the arcade area and I continued to look.

After looking around I decided I might as well check out the arcade.  As is sometimes the case, the hall with the booths on each side have little round red lights over the door that glowed "occupied" if someone was inside.  There were the usual warnings about keeping the door closed and no more than one person in a booth at a time.  I saw that one of the booths had the light lit, so I went into the next booth.

I put a dollar in the machine and the video screen came to life showing a woman involved in a threesome with two men.  Seeing the nasty action on the screen made my dick begin to grow, so I removed my shorts and began to stroke, wearing only a t-shirt and sandals.  Starting to feel in the zone and feeling bold, I pushed the button to raise the shade, hoping to fulfill a fantasy and have my first experience with another man watching each other jacking off.  A few seconds later, the shade on the other side of the window went up, and there I was jacking off with another man watching no more than two feet away.  My heart was racing.

I really wanted to see the guy pull out his cock and jack off so I could watch him shoot a load.  This was a fantasy and seeing him cum would have sent me over the edge.  However, he only made motions that he wanted to come in my booth and suck my dick.  This didn't interest me so I just shook my head, but I was OK with him watching me jerk off.  Then, after he caught on that I didn't want a blowjob he lowered the shade back down.  I was disappointed because I thought I was so close to fulfilling one of my fantasies, but it wasn’t going to happen.  In spite of my disappointment, I was already in J/O mode and decided that if I wasn’t going to see a guy come live, I would see if there was a nice video showing a guy jacking off.

Browsing through the available channels, I came across a scene involving two muscular men with large cocks outside by a pool.  Both were naked with one man on his knees giving the other one a handjob/blowjob at the same time he was jerking himself off.  Before long, the man receiving the blowjob began to cum while the other continued to stroke him.  As he was taking the load of cum on the side of his face and chest, the man on his knees also came and his cock shot impressive amounts of cum.

This scene closely matched another of my fantasies, which is to suck off another guy until he comes on me (or in my mouth) and then, pleased that I have taken care of him, I jerk off thinking about what I had just done.  As I was watched the video and saw both men cum my cock became hard as a rock.  I knew I was going to cum, so bucking my hips and thrusting my cock forward hard into my fist, I ejaculated onto the floor of the booth, still hoping that my "buddy" would raise the shade and see me pumping my cock and getting myself off.



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