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A few months ago my friend Jeremy and I were at my house surfing the net. At first we were looking up stuff for a homework assignment, but eventually ended up surfing for free porn. That's when a pop-up ad appeared for something that had both of us instantly intrigued and um...well...horny!

It was a masturbation device call a flesh light because of how much it resembles a flashlight. Except at the top where light would come out of a flashlight, the fleshlight had a rubbery material shaped like a pussy. It even had wrinkled pussy lips with a tiny hole dead center between them. The hole didn't even look big enough for our skinny 14-year-old dicks to fit inside much less a grown mans big fat dong. But to our surprise there was a demonstration video and after seeing it, Jeremy and I decided to put our money together to buy one. We ran to buy a pre-paid Visa and then ran all the way back to my house to order it. All the way home we agreed on how we'd each get two days with it and then alternate weekends. But the worst part would be the day that it arrived and how we would flip a coin to see which one of us would get to take it to their house for the first 2 days.

I called Jeremy the day it arrived and he ran over so that we could flip a coin to see which one of us would get to have their way with it for the next two days. Just looking at this thing had Jeremy and I so horny that it was frightening. Minutes had passed and we still had not flipped a coin. It was obvious that neither of us wanted to be the loser and have to wait 2 days to give our new toy a try. We poured some lube into the fake pussy and Jeremy and I took turns finger banging it. We where both amazed at how the soft gel like material gave way and let our fingers slide right in, even two fingers. I had not been wearing a shirt to begin with when Jeremy arrived so the erection in my gym shorts was obvious. I couldn't see what was going on in Jeremy's pants by the way his t-shirt covered his crotch, but by the way he was squeezing it I figured that something was up. I could tell that Jeremy was very close to that breaking where desire overpowers fear and uncertainty. He was holding the fake pussy in one hand and squeezing his crotch with the other. Then he took a deep breath, looked directly at me, and asked a simple 4 word question that made it clear that something very secret was about to happen.

Is your door locked? Jeremy asked quietly.

Yeah, but I'd better double check. I said.

I swear to God!-If you ever tell anyone about this Mike, I'll kill you! Jeremy said in a shaky tone.

I told him not to worry as I headed to the door to make sure it was locked. On the way there I could hear the sound of his belt buckle being unfastened and his zipper being lowered. I gently gave my doorknob a twist to verify that it was locked. I already knew that it was but you can never be too careful in situations like these.

When I turned, I saw Jeremy sitting on the edge of my bed with his pants and underwear pulled completely to the floor. Both of us had frequently claimed to have a bigger penis but never did anything to prove it one way or the other. Now it has been proven and Jeremy is the winner, not by much but still clearly the winner. He boner was in plain sight and sticking up from a bush of pubic hair that was lighter in color yet not quite abundant as mine. His balls where slightly smaller then mine and didn't hang quite as low, but there was no doubt that his erect penis was clearly longer then mine by at least an inch.

Damn!-Your dick is bigger! I said.

Let me see if it will fit in this tiny hole right here? Jeremy said.

He turned the lubed device upside down and pressed the pussy lips against the tip of his boner. I watched as they gave way and allowed his hard dick to slide upward as Jeremy pushed the device downward until it was pressed firmly against the curly hair around the base of his 6-inch erection. Jeremy went nuts over the sensation and fell back onto my bed and raised the device back up along the length of his boner only to shove it back down when he got to the top. He was moaning and saying sex things as he slid the slippery fake pussy up and down his cock.

Oh fuck Mike!-This thing was worth every penny!-It feels so fucking good man! Jeremy said as he opened his eyes and saw that I was not only jacking-off, but also completely naked. He mumbled something about it being a good idea and in a matter of seconds, I watched him strip naked while the fleshlight stayed emailed on his rock hard boner. I wasn't embarrassed at all and continued to hand stroke my shorter dick while I watched him get naked. I figured that he go right back to work fucking his cock in and out of our new toy, but Jeremy had a different idea once he saw that I was jacking off the old fashioned way.

Dude!-Fuck that hand bullshit!-Check this out! Jeremy said.

I watched him lift that fake pussy upward and completely off of his cock until it squished out. Then he sort of rolled over onto his side and told me to hold my dick still. Then he aimed the lips of the fake pussy toy against the tip of my cock and started to push down. He pushed harder and harder until the soft material opened and allowed my cock to slide completely inside. Jeremy's cock had already done a great job heating up the inside of the pussy as he pushed it firmly down onto my bush of pubes. I thought that he'd let go so that I could do it to myself for a while, but he didn't. He just went about stroking my cock with the device with just as much devotion as he'd given to his own cock. But the pleasure was short lived since I felt him pull the device completely off of me after about a minute. I wasn't about to complain though. I watched my new jack-off buddy slide the fake cunt all the way down onto his cock and just leave it there. Then he looked at me and said something I'll never forget.

Dude!-If you make me cum, I'll make you cum right after, I promise! Jeremy said.

I not only did as Jeremy asked me, I got up and sat on top of his legs while I raised and lowered our new sex to up and down the length of his boner. I even employed the twisting motion that I had seen him use when he was doing it to the both of us. I'm not sure why I did it, or why I wasn't afraid of how Jeremy might react, but I scooted up so close that the device was literally clamped between my legs as I humped it up and down over his hard cock.

I'll bet you're feeling what feels like when a girl rides your cock. I said to Jeremy and that was about all it took. Once that mental image started to play out in his head, he had only seconds left to ride the wave of his orgasm to that peek until it turned into a full scale ejaculation.

He was gasping and moaning and saying that he was about to cum!-Oh fuck!-You're gonna make me cum so hard!-Here it goes man. I'm gonna cum!-I'm gonna cum!-I'm cumming!-I'm cumming!Jeremy shouted.

The look on his face was so hot that it made me want to kiss, and I came pretty close to doing it. His mouth was hanging wide open as his back arched and his ass lifted almost a foot off of the mattress.

Oh my God!-Oh my God!-Oh my God! Jeremy panted as his orgasm subsided.

Then he started to jerk and twitch as I gave the pussy toy a few shakes. I was so turned on that I need to cum right then and there and I was going to hold Jeremy to his promise.

Okay! My turn-Come on dude!-Make me cum!-You promised remember? I said.

Okay Mike!-Hang on!-Jeeze!-We've gotta clean it out dude. You just made me shoot a mean ass load inside of this thing! Jeremy said.

Fuck cleaning it out!-I don't care!-I need to cum so bad!-Just go ahead and do!-We can clean it out after both of our loads are up inside of there! I said.

Jeremy slid that fake pussy down on my cock and I could tell right when the tip of my cock came into contact with his warm jizz. There was so much of it that it was leaking out onto my pubes as he fucked my cock with it. I didn't even last a minute once Jeremy got up and held the device between his legs as he rode it up and down on my cock. You can ride my dick for real if you want? Jeremy said cautiously.

I'll work the fleshlight on your cock while you do it and that way we can cum together. He said.

Jeremy always gets the best ideas and this was just one out of the dozens he eventually came up with. No pun intended.

The End



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