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Brushing Him

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I use a silicone brush to prolong a man's pleasure.


I want to tell the story about the first time I used a pastry brush to get a guy off. This has come up in chats with a few people a few times, and people seem curious about it.

It happened around three years ago, I had a "handjob friend" over. I think it was the second or third time we met. Now, this guy loved a very light touch - he had some problems with premature ejaculation, and keeping a light touch during the stimulation was important so that he wouldn't lose control too quickly.

I had given this some thought before our meeting - how can I prolong his pleasure without the interrupted rhythm of start-stop, start-stop handjobbing? I don't remember exactly how I came to think of a pastry brush. For you guys who might not know, a pastry brush is a small brush that is used for spreading butter, oil, egg wash or glazing on food. The brush can have natural bristles, but nowadays they also make a much softer brush that has silicone bristles. Very useful for bakers.

I bought one of the soft silicone brushes, thinking I would try this on my friend. Maybe using the brush, I could give him long, uninterrupted stimulation without him ejaculating too quickly.

I presented the idea to him when we met and he was very excited - so excited that when he took his clothes off, his penis was already rock hard. He is quite a few kilos overweight, but shaves his pubic hair. His cock is small - I did measure it because I kind of like to know - and he is 12 centimeters when fully erect. That's 4.7" - definitely not a monster cock, but who cares? It has a lovely swelling mushroom head, and when he is erect, the shaft of his penis is pressed flat against his belly, he has a very proud and strong erection.

He laid down on the massage table, and I poured coconut oil over his cock and balls and spread the oil out using my hands. I stood next to him and used the pastry brush to trace the length of his cock, down over his balls, and then back up again, letting the soft pink bristles swirl around the swollen head of his erection a few times before returning slowly downward.

The enjoyment he got from this was immense. He could enjoy my stimulation for two minutes straight... five... Suddenly ten minutes straight. Twenty minutes.

Forty-five minutes into the stimulation, he was shaking and moaning for every slow stroke. Still rock hard, his cock begged for attention and loved every stroke of the brush. I could see the first signs of his nearing orgasm - his balls pushing upward, pressing tight against his body, and the pulsating movements of his cock.

To calm him down, we took a small break and went in the bedroom. I put towels out on the bed and had him standing on all four on the bed, with me sitting behind him. I began to swirl the brush around his anal opening, down over his balls and over his cock. Two full strokes of the brush and he was rock hard again.

Within five minutes, he was moving his hips like he was trying to fuck the air, and all I had to do was hold the brush still and slowly reposition it so that the bristles slowly caressed the head and shaft of his cock, his balls, and his anus.

He announced his orgasm, and I put the brush away and placed my palm between his legs, so that the underside of his cock was gliding over the skin of my hand. He was still fucking the air, and the friction between his cock and my palm immediately caused him to ejaculate.

Thick ropes of his cum spurted over the towel and he was groaning noisily with every contraction.

As we cooled down and talked, he told me that never in his life had he been able to enjoy continued stimulation for an hour straight, and he told me how much our meeting today had meant for him and that it had boosted his confidence. He lives in a sexless marriage, and our talk was very touching for me as he got very emotional and told me very personal things about himself, his sexuality and about his marriage. He is much older than me but I consider him a dear friend even though we don't meet anymore.

One of my favorite meetings ever. Since this first "brushing", I have used silicone brushes as a part of my "toy box". I have also tried to brush myself, and it feels lovely on my clit and my nipples. And I just love to slide it slowly along my asscrack.

Happy brushing!



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