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Brother and Sister

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I had no idea that, at the age of 40, my brother (Neo) was searching for me at the same time as I was searching for him. We'd been adopted into separate familes as babies (I am a year older than him) and hadn't known of each other's existence until we were in our 30s.

After a year of searching, we found each other, and began a tentative contact via email. We lived over 200 miles apart and our jobs and families made it difficult to meet up, but I think we were both happy to take it slowly, and get to know each other better before coming face to face.

Those first few weeks of communication were amazing. Neo and I were so alike, so in tune. The connection was unmistakable from the start and we began to spend more and more time talking on line. He understood me completely, got my sometimes irreverent sense of humour, didn't need my more off the wall comments explained, and vice versa. It was thrilling to find someone like that and despite not knowing each other for almost 40 years, my relationship with my brother was without doubt the easiest, most natural and most rewarding experience I'd ever had. We became best friends and shared so many details of our lives, details that no one else knew, or would ever know.

Such was the closeness between us, and the bond, that we began to talk about sex. What we liked, or didn't like, fantasies, perfect partners, embarrassing crushes, the lot. I didn't even question that I was discussing such intimate things with my brother. If I'm honest, that's not how I viewed him and in fact, I think by that point I was already a little in love with him and I sensed his feelings towards me were more than just fraternal too.

One day, during one of our long chats, Neo asked me what my current masturbation fantasy was (I had previously told him that I liked to use particular fantasy scenarios while I touched myself). His question made me blush, and I was glad we were on the phone, because my current masturbation fantasy involved him, my own baby brother. When I told him this, I heard him gasp, and I worried I'd gone too far and annoyed or embarrassed him. I needn't have worried, as Neo's next words were 'Share it with me Sis. Tell me your fantasy about me. Don't be shy. And while you tell me, I'm going to sit here and listen, and stroke my cock. So why don't you touch yourself too, while we both enjoy your fantasy together?'.

I was so surprised but also, incredibly turned on to hear him say those words and I could already feel that tell tale pulse in my pussy. So, I laughed and said 'Okay Neo, let's do that! Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I'll begin.........

In my fantasy, I'm sitting on the edge of your office chair (he owns an undertakers business) facing the seat, and I'm waiting for you to come in to the office. You walk in, see me sitting perched on your desk, all dressed up in a nice black pencil skirt, white blouse, black heels, almost like I could be coming to work for you, and you wonder why I'm there. I direct you to sit in the empty chair in front of me, which you do and then to your surprise, I slowly and deliberately uncross my legs and wriggle my skirt up my thighs slightly. I watch your eyes move down to my crotch and I know you've noticed two things: that I'm not wearing panties, and that my pussy is glistening wet.'

As I'm telling Neo this fantasy over the phone, I'm slowly sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy, the telling alone is making me very wet and very horny, and to add to that, I bring my fingers to my lips and taste the sweetness of my juices. Then I slowly slide my fingers down over my clit and right down to my asshole, then slowly back, each movement sending shivers through my body. At the other end of the phone, Neo asks why I've stopped my story and when I tell him what I'm doing, and where I'm touching myself, I can hear him let out loud groans of pure pleasure. I ask him if he's enjoying my fantasy and he tells me how rock hard his cock is and how totally horny he feels, and he asks me to keep going. So I do....

'as you look at me in my wet, pantiless state, I can instantly see a bulge appear in your trousers which gets bigger and firmer and more insistent as I wriggle my skirt further up my legs, until it's up over my hips. As I part my thighs, I hear you groan with desire and so I tell you to unzip your suit trousers, pull that cock out, and give it the attention it deserves. You do just that, oh so quickly and willingly as I undo the buttons at the neck of my blouse, and pull it to one side, showing you that I have no bra on either as my breasts fall into view with their large dark and hard nipples pointing at you as if begging for your touch.

As I look into your eyes, then watch you rub your cock gently up and down, I lick my index and middle fingers and then slide them down over my erect nipples and down over my stomach. Down over the small strip of hair over my pubic bone, and down into my hot, wet, glistening pussy, and I make myself groan softly at this touch. I move my fingers backwards and forwards, gently, slowly, with the lightest of touches, over the lips, my clit, deep into my pussy, taking the juices and spreading them down towards my asshole, circling it, gentle pressure, then back again up towards my clitoris.

My hips have begun to move almost involuntarily, and I can't help but moan and groan as the pleasure builds inside me. I can feel the hot, insistent throbbing between my legs, I can feel the tingles beginning in the pit of my stomach and as I look at you, I can see the pre cum on the tip of your penis. We lock eyes as our touching and rubbing finds a rhythm, and we're, unsurprisingly, in synch. Our breathing is becoming rapid and shallow and pur pupils are dilated with passion. I'm pushing two fingers deep inside myself, while carressing my clitoris with my thumb, and gently flicking my asshole with my little finger, and as I watch your rhythm increase, I know neither of us are gonna hold off for much longer. So I tell you, 'let it go Neo, come now, come for me, please' and you do. As your body bucks and shudders and you moan so loudly, I feel the hugest orgasm overwhelm me and I scream out your name as wave after wave of pleasure hits me, sending tingles from my tip toes to the top of my head and back again. And as our breathing slowly returns to normal, we look each other in the eye, and we both know, that this won't be the last time we masturbate together. The end. What did you think Neo? Do you like my fantasy scenario?'

It takes a moment, but then Neo tells me that, just as he came in my story, he was coming in real life, and it was every bit as incredible as I'd described. I could hear the joy and the smile in his voice. He asked if I'd come and when I said 'not yet', he insisted that I should, and told me he really wanted to hear me come. I happily obliged as I was so close to orgasm anyway, I'd been holding back to get to the end of my story. And so I came, hard, fast and whispering my own brother's name as I did so, feeling the juices running down my thighs and feeling like it was possibly the most perfect orgasm I'd ever had. I felt elated, giddy, full of joy and laughter and I think Neo and I both knew that, just like in my fantasy scenario, this was only going to be the first of many orgasms he and I were going to share.............



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