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Breaking the Rules

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My first two stories were about my co-worker Lynn, and how we came to be involved in masturbating together, but never touching each other directly. We thought that would be crossing the line, since we were both married, and since we worked in the same office.

After Lynn left my office, when the maternity leave of our previous employee ended, I didn't see her for a while. She was looking for another job, and the first time I saw her again was when she came in for a reference letter from our boss. She came in on a Friday afternoon, about two o'clock, and after she saw the boss and got her letter, she came by to my office to say hello.

It was early to head out, but I asked her if she needed a lift home, knowing that she doesn't drive. She was very eager and jumped at the offer. I told my secretary that I was going to give Lynn a ride and I packed my briefcase and we headed out.

The first time Lynn and I got off together was in a park, sitting in my car on a drive home, so I didn't know what to expect this time. As we made our way out of the downtown core, we drove near the park and she suggested we stop, just to talk and catch up on things since we hadn't seen each other for a while. We sat together in the car and talked.

'You remember the first time we came here?' she asked me.

'What do you think?' I replied, knowing full well that she was referring to getting off together.

'I was thinking about it,' she said, 'and I felt a bit guilty every time I pictured us together, especially the times at the office. Remember when I ran over your cock with a mouse?'

'Yeah,' I said, 'that was the first time I could have used our IT guy to help with a hand job.'

'No,' she said, 'I was just thinking about our rules, not to touch each other...what's the difference between you touching my tits, or my pussy, and touching my hand, which you already did?'

'Well, your pussy is kind of private...it...it...'

'So is my hand,' she said. 'If my husband ever saw me holding hands with you, well, do think that he would be o.k. with it, or would he say that it was o.k., as long as you don't touch each other's privates.'

'I see what you mean,' I answered. I wasn't sure where this was leading.

'All that I'm saying is...well, if it was o.k. to do what we did, why can't we touch each other...I want to feel..your...cock. Just to see what it is like...how hard it is...how soft it is...'

'Well, I'm sure it's just like your husband's cock...sort of...'

'No,' she said, 'I want to feel it. Please? Just once?'

'I...I...' I stammered and couldn't believe what I was hearing. My brain was saying no, but my cock was doing the thinking.

She reached over to my cock, which was already hard and making a tent in my pants, and she began to trace its outline with her fingers, and then she cupped my balls through my pants.

'Oooh,' she cooed, 'it feels as hard as it looked the last time we...'

'Oh, Lynn,' I said, 'if you are going to do that, you are going to drive me crazy.'

'Do what?' she asked. 'This?' And then she started to rub along my hard cock through my pants with one hand, while reaching over me with her other hand to find my zipper. She slowly unzipped me, and then put her hand into my pants and found my cock, and pulled it out through my boxers and out into the open. Her hand felt so soft, yet she held my cock tightly now and began to stroke it up and down.

'Like this,' she said, 'that is how you do it, right? Oh, it is so hard. I want to keep doing it, I want to make you come.'

She kept on stroking me, slowly up and down, and I couldn't believe that our rules went out the window, and so did my better judgment. I tensed up and could feel I was close to coming.

'Oh baby, you are so smooth,' she whispered. 'Do you want to come? Huh, do you want to? I want you to come, and I want to make you do it now. Should I squeeze harder? Should I go faster?'

I couldn't believe she was talking like this, but she squeezed harder and stroked faster.

'Touch my tits,' she said, as she continued stroking with one hand and pulled her blouse up with the other revealing her beautiful breasts-she was not wearing a bra.

'I know you want to feel them...go ahead...pinch my nipples, rub them, then come on them.'

She lay down across my lap-her head was practically on the steering wheel as she placed her breasts right near my cock, and somehow she continued to stroke me all the while.

'Come on, touch them.'

I reached out and began to caress her fleshy mounds, with her beautiful and erect nipples. They were soft and pliant and I instinctively tried to rub them against my cock.

'Oh yes, that's it...let my tits make you come. I know you have wanted to do this as much as me.'

She kept on stroking me until I could hold back no longer, and my hips went up and I let loose a few shots onto her tits and some on her hand.

'Ooooh, that's what I wanted to see. Oh baby, that's what I wanted to feel on my tits, and in my hands. Oh, yeah.'

I couldn't believe Lynn was talking this way. But soon she stopped talking and looked me in the eyes, and said 'Now I want you to feel my pussy...the same way I felt your cock. Put your fingers in me and make me come. Feel me get wet. Come on, do it now.'

She was still dripping from come on her tits and hand, but she lifted her hips up and pulled her skirt up and I saw she wasn't wearing panties either. She had come prepared. She was also fully shaved.

'I shaved for you today...just in case I saw you, I shaved so you could feel my smooth lips and my clit and get all wet and slippery. Give me your hand. There...slide your fingers along my lips, like that, yes...yes...'

She had taken my hand and was rubbing my fingers along her smooth pussy.

'Put your fingers in...in and out...I'm so wet...keep on doing it...yes...oh...oh...damn it, that feels good. Oh yeah, play with my clit.'

She stopped guiding my hand, and I was doing it by myself, feeling her wetness, and playing with her engorged clit. She was dripping and she now had her come soaked hand up to her mouth and she was licking her own fingers. I put one finger, and then two inside of her.

'Oh, yeah...you've seen me do it, you know what to do...oh, keep on, oh, oh...'

She moaned and raised her hips and I felt her pussy contracting on my fingers. She then fell limp.

'Oh, Alex...that was...what I...what I wanted for you to do...that was...oh...'

She was still shaking slightly. My whole car smelled from her juices, and I was stunned.

'You know the reference letter?' she asked.

'Yes,' I said, not sure why she brought this up.

'I need it to seal this job offer I got. They made me an offer, but I needed a formal reference from Benjy (our boss). I'm 99% guaranteed to get the job.'

'Great,' I said. I still didn't know why she brought this up.

'It's an out of town job-very out of town-like 400 kilometres away.'

'What about your husband?'

'He's going to stay home with the kids at first-the job, it's great-my income will be better than both of our jobs pay now-when he finds something, then he'll go back-if he wants to-if not, then he'll be our own in-house daycare center.'

'So, you...'

'Yes...if everything comes through, we're going to have to move within the month. I knew I might not get the chance to see you again, and I knew that I'd always regret it and wonder what...you know..what it was like, if we didn't do...this.'


'It was better than I imagined it...you are so sweet, and...if it weren't for my family, and if I didn't love my husband...I could really...'

'Don't say it. I know.'

'We can probably never do this again. And it will always be our secret.'

'Always,' I said, and then I kissed her on the cheek, something I had wanted to do for a while. 'And for the record,' I said, 'it was beautiful. But it is better we leave it at this. If we ever tried to go further, we'd probably find out that we needed more rules, and we haven't been so good in sticking to rules so far.'

Lynn laughed, and then so did I, and we cleaned ourselves up. We stopped at a gas station and car wash nearby and both used the restroom to wash up-you know, get rid of the evidence-and then we got the car washed. The smell of the soap (plus the air freshener I bought) helped get rid of the smell of her sweet juices.

I dropped her off at home, and the next week she called to tell me she got the job, and a few weeks later she was gone. We e-mail each other now and then, and just yesterday I found out that I am going to have to travel to her city for business in a few weeks, and stay overnight. I am not sure yet if I will tell her, or if I will try to see her.

But I will always remember Lynn breaking the rules in my car and asking for something I never had the guts to ask for myself.

Thanks, Lynn.



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