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Bless Me Father.....

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I’m guessing you’ve worked  out that I’m Catholic. I don’t see sex as a sin, and certainly not masturbation. I don’t go to mass every week, but when I do go, I always go to confession first. Usually, the priest just listens, gives a bit of advice, and we move on.  But this time......


As I knelt there, I had confessed what I thought were my sins to date, and finished up with the usual formula “for these, and any sins in my past I have now forgotten, I am truly sorry”. There was silence, then the priest asked if I was sure that I had confessed everything. They don’t usually go fishing, so I asked him what he meant, “Well, my daughter, you are here in University, there are temptations all around, drink....the pleasures of the flesh, whether with others or alone. Are you sure that you have made a full confession?” 

I was instantly furious with the dirty bugger.....he just wanted to hear people talk about their bodies......and also insanely turned on. Well, two can play at that game. I took a deep breath and pulled back the little curtain so he could see me. If we are going to play, it will be face to face. 

“Well, Father, Yes, there is more, but I can’t tell you because, well, because I’m frightened I may use the wrong words.” I got the usual “Have faith my child” routine.....so....I went for it.

looking as sweet and innocent as I could straight at him I said “Well, Father, since I’ve been here, I’ve been very lonely. During the first term, I couldn’t keep my hands off myself. I masturbated every day, finger fucking myself, rubbing my clit, wanking at every opportunity. Sometimes, Father, I even wet myself on purpose. It makes me feel so good and sexy.” His eyes bugged, and I continued. “In the second month, I had sex with another girl. We licked each other out, peed on each other, fingered each other’s cunts and arseholes, and we are lovers now, although she is away from Uni studying on an exchange programme, but since that made me lonely again, I’ve fucked Male students, vaginaly and anally, I think, Father, I’m becoming a whore.” 

The priest was a man in his early 30s. Not long qualified, I’d guess, and maybe no removed enough from the world to have become immune to dirty little slurs like me, but well, he did ask for it. Maybe he’d had a boring morning in the confessional with people only confessing half of what they’ve really done. 

“I feel horny all the time, Father. If I wasn’t here, in the sanctity of the confessional, I could slip my hand between my legs and cum into my panties right now”. I could see his pupils widely dilated, his nostrils flaring with every breath, and I would bet anything that he had a raging erection under his robes. I’m told I have very sexy, “come to bed” eyes, while at the same time, I’ve been told that I look innocent, like a sweet virgin. I used these aspects of myself fully. 

Ok, I was wet as fuck, but not evenim going to rub one out in the confessional. I did wonder if it’s possible to talk a priest off though. 

Pennance? Three Hail Marys and two Our Fathers. Oh....and three orgasms. I realised I get Randy when I pray.....go figure THAT one! Anyway, I did the penance in the church, dripping into my panties, and back in my room,  I knelt again, imagining I was in with the young priest. I put my hand into my panties and let myself imagine giving him a blow job. Just as my mind allowed him to cum into my mouth, so I came into my knickers. 

Bless me, Father, for surely, I will sin again. 



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