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Bizarre Fantasy

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This is a story about how I masturbate to a fantasy I have. This type of genre is more of a recent type of fantasy for me. I find it erotic and borderline aberrant. 


If I had asked myself years ago if a woman with a penis would get my engine revving, I would have shook my head in shock and said “NO WAY”. However now, that I have breached the cusp of the inordinate, almost anything is possible…not only can I imagine it, I crave it.

One day while feeling aroused and searching for “moaning men” video’s online, I saw a link to a video depicting a rather nice looking female holding her own cock.  I must say this was a sight I could not turn from. I followed that click bait into a new world. 

This man woman was tugging her penis while looking into the camera. Her boobs were just amazing. Not big nor fake or in her face, just perfectly jiggly, slightly dropped, and soft looking. I felt a stir inside me I hadn’t felt in awhile. I think I may have just fallen in love again. For a minute. For that minute I wanted to meet a person like this one day. Until then, I have my imagination. 

I imagine that my special man woman and I are sharing  lovers’ moment’s, holding hands and chit chatting about nothing, and everything. The way you feel when your with someone that ignites your soul.  I faintly remember what that is like…

 The connection shared is strong and empowering. Making us feel as if we could conquer the world. I feel the bowels of my lust stir with a desirous need to embark on a journey with her…feel her, taste her, and watch her handle her cock. 

My pussy began to taunt me, calling to me for a touch. Just a slight pressing of my palm against my mound feels so very good. I give my mound a squeeze as I imagine this man woman grip her cock and gasp. The thought of her natural phenomenon is arousing and intriguing. I want her. 

I remembered a movie I saw once where a young girl was estranged from her peer group growing up. One night she and a boy were hanging out in a barn when he kissed her by surprise. They were both overcome with passion and began to kiss, rub, and embrace one another. He began to remove his clothing. She however, did not want to remove her pants and was clearly having anxiety from the thought of it. He begged of her to tell him why. After many minutes she reluctantly showed him her penis and his smile grew into the depths of his cheeks. I saw the release of tension from her entire body and they began to engage again in their sexual rendezvous. It is then that I began to wonder what it would be like to be with a person like that. 

I continue to imagine my man woman and I. I start to rub my clit from the outside of my vaginal lips, I could feel my clit growing, becoming hard. I imagine for a moment it was a tiny penis, and that I were a man. What it would be like to have my own cock to play with anytime I want. I would love to watch it grow from limp to throbbing hard as I caressed it. Reveling in excitement and amazement as I watch it go through the phases of a masturbatory experience. Seeing it turning darker in flesh color, observing the dripping precum oozing from the tip, and ending with an orgasm as the white stuff spewed out where ever I wanted it to go. The thought of this plunged me into a fury of passion and I groped for my tiny imaginary penis. Taking my fingers around it and stroking each side of it up and down as if it were truly a penis. Taking wetness from my hole and sharing it with my tiny imaginary penis as I stroke it.

It felt so good to perform my masturbation this way for a few moments as I closed my eyes and imagined this man woman with a penis beside me stroking her own cock that was much more manly than my tiny imaginary one. I wanted to feel her cock in my mouth. I imagined her fucking me from behind. I wondered if she would thrust into me as hard as when a man does or if she would be softer and more gentle. These thoughts pouring into my mind as I work myself, feeling a growing sensation of orgasm. I wondered if her cock would feel different than a man’s cock when I held it in my hands. I wonder how she looked and sounded when she would cum. 

In my fantasy, she motioned for me to touch her. I lifted my hand from my panting pussy all wet, full of my scent and grabbed her cock by the base. Her cock skin felt soft like a woman’s breast yet the firmness was as hard as a man’s cock. It was glistening from the wetness I had transferred to it from my pussy. Feeling her hardness gave me a near climatic moment where I was sure I would orgasm without touching my own self. I held myself in contempt not to cum yet. I wanted to keep thinking about this possible moment that I could have one day. As I stroke her cock she is speaking to me softly telling me how much she loves my sexuality, how she dreamt of me and this moment, and how glad she was it was finally here. She asked politely if she could have sex with me. 

I could not say no. I was so excited I was nearly in a state of euphoria. She leaned over me as I laid back. Her tits dangling over mine as our arms intertwined. Our tits were making love while we began to make love. I then took some wetness from myself and shared it with her cock. I guided her to the opening of my wet and warm vagina. She gasped as she felt her cock tip touch my pussy lips. I then guided her cock to my clit and back down to my hole. I asked her to please go inside me for it has been so very long since I felt someone inside me. As the moment grew I began to shake and gasp. She asked if I was okay and I replied telling her I cant help this reaction and how badly I wanted her inside me. She then began to enter me. 

I was panting and moaning already as I was in pure delight as she began trusting into me and out of me and into me again. She told me how much she loved the feel of my hot pussy that it was a warm retreat that she never wanted to leave. As she thrusted in and out her tits were smothering my face as I held them and squeezed them. They felt wonderful and I wanted to hold them forever. Her skin was soft and her nipples were hard. I loved feeling the combination of her feminine breasts and her manly hard cock. Her cock gave to me much pleasure as did my pussy give to her. With each thrust her groans grew and her tits bounced more and more. These thoughts make me insanely horny. I imagined her orgasming…her beautiful womanly face taunt with pleasure, lips parted, eyes narrowed, tension in her neck, while pumping away inside me. I imagined her moans as she began to cum. As she came her thrusts became deeper, harder and her tits were all over the place…when she finished her orgasm she collapses on me and I could feel the load of her cum fill my pussy….

I imagined all this while masturbating myself. With each imaginary trust into my pussy I brought myself closer to orgasm with my fingers stroking my clit as if it were a cock. With each stroke I could not hold back my gasps as I imagined her cock in me and her tits caressing me. I got up on my knees and started to pretend I was her with a cock and I fucked myself hard and fast. I began to shake and quiver as I was on the brink of orgasm. It was building with incredible momentum and strength. I felt my boobs swinging around as I thrusted my hips into my hands as my fingers hit my clit. 

It was upon me, the orgasm began to consume me. It took me to an edgy place where I wasn’t sure if I was me or the man woman in my fantasy. As I began to release my orgasm I started to buckle over with pleasure and my body shake. My lungs froze for a moment as the orgasm took over my entire body and whole mind. I could not contain the deep moan emerging from my chest. As the moan escaped my lips, I felt the hot liquid pour from me all while imagining I was squirting out white semen like a man. I imagined squirting it on my man woman’s face and her lapping me up. I fell down to my bed bench and relaxed in my orgasmic glow while I waited for my body to recover from the rigor of this solo sexual episode. I reached down and touched myself as I trembled with after orgasmic tremors. With each contraction the tremors softened until I was fully calm and satisfied. 



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