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Big Family, Older Uncle

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I rarely see Uncle Mike. He's the black sheep of the family. My dad's other brothers went into farming which is something of a family tradition, and mums family have been farmers for generations. Mike, although the elder by some fifteen years, ditched all thoughts of life on the land and went into banking as a futures trader. As a result he is insanely rich.  The last time I met him I was 13 and was only just starting to grow tits; I was at that awkward stage. Not this time though! I was quite the young woman.


Uncle Mike knew in a heartbeat that something had changed. I caught him looking down my top and trying to look hard at the joggers I was wearing, presumably to see if he could see visible panty Line.  (Since I wasn't wearing any, he couldn't.) 

So, I changed into a skirt and panties. Uncle Mike was definitely interested in the little show I was carefully giving him. I made sure I revealed myself slowly to him, letting him first see some of my upper thighs before 'accidentally' letting him see my panties for a second. Then for more than a second. 

I've always loved teasing older men! In fact, it's something that can make me wet in seconds. After lunch, Mike wanted a tour of the farm. I jumped in an offered to show him around. Dad keeps a golf cart and we used that. We toured the sheep and cows before moving onto the arable areas, the orchard, and then the riding stables, which are new to us. Uncle Mike spotted the old barn, the scene of many of my sexual adventures, and wanted to see it. I made sure we bumped along the rutted track on our way there. I knew full well that if he went up to the hay loft, he would find my panties there as well as my masturbation chair.

Uncle Mike said he liked really old buildings. There's something about them he says. Inside, I said, "You should see the view from the hay loft!" I climbed up the ladder ahead of him, knowing he would get a good eyeful. In the hay loft, he took a look around, saw a pair of my panties on the chair and said, "Looks like someone has had fun here!" 

I could see the bulge in his pants and, frankly, it was driving me wild. He couldn't know, of course, whether the panties were mine or my sisterís. There was some dead air between us. Total silence. I knew what he wanted. He knew what I wanted. 

So, I decided that I would break the silence. I sat in my chair, and spread my legs, hooking them over the arms of the chair. I could feel my wetness as I said, "Uncle Mike. They're my panties. Would you like to smell them?" He had no words for me. He brought the panties to his face quickly enough and took a deep breath in. As I began to touch myself, I arched my back and said, "This is where I come to have some fun. I masturbate here a lot, and I've been fucked in here too." By now, my hand was inside my panties and Uncle Mike was fumbling with his zipper. Fucking HELL he had a nice cock! It was long, thick, and lovely. 

He watched as I wanked. I watched as he wanked. I knew that those panties would not have much scent on them, so I said, "Would you like to smell me for real?" He dropped the panties and knelt between my legs. I felt him move my panties aside and them I felt him kiss my quim. He did it once, twice, and then his tongue went to work on my clit. Fuck, he was good! 

When his finger entered my bum, I felt like I was going to heaven. I held off as long as I could before cumming but came hard.

Once I was done, Uncle Mike stood up. Well, what's a girl to do? His cock was at face level. I took him in my mouth, wanking him as I did so. I love the taste. Every man is different. Some taste very strong, others barely have a taste at all. Some menís cum is thick, others isn't. I wanked Uncle Mike into my mouth and, when he came, I swallowed the lot. 

Strangely, I knew he wouldn't fuck me. I think that we both just knew that wasn't on. 

I did ask him to finger me to orgasm again though and, as a reward, I gave him my now very wet panties. 

Back at the farmhouse, it was business as usual, apart from my mum. She caught my eye at one point and smiled. The little wink she gave me told me that she knew something had happened. The chat we had later told me that mum has fucked Uncle Mike (with dad's consent). 

Ah well, older men, eh? Can't beat 'em!



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