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Best Way To Wake Up!

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I have been a long-time reader of Solo Touch and thought I'd share some of my more extreme forms of masturbation. This is a rough description of what I did when I got up today


I woke up this morning to the sensation of the sheets brushing against my naked body. It had been years since I gave up the habit of wearing clothes to bed, and I would sleep all the more comfortably for it. Not to mention that it gave me even more opportunities to touch myself. As I stirred and got up, I continued to touch myself pleasurably, rubbing and squeezing my penis, petting and holding my balls, rubbing my ass, and fondling my nipples lovingly. I've developed a habit of absentmindedly touching my sexual hot spots whenever I'm naked, and despite being male, I can never get bored with pleasuring my nipples.

Feeling particularly horny this morning, I decided to break out a few objects that I had long ago learned to use as improvised sex toys. My tastes are somewhat unusual. I took out two metal binder clamps and fastened one onto each nipple. Intense pain coursed through them, but I had learned to accept the pain and draw pleasure from it. After letting the sensation sink in for a while, I took a rubber band and wrapped it around the base of my balls one, two, three... four times before lying back on the bed and letting myself enjoy what I had done. Waves of pain and pleasure continued to flow through my clamped nipples and into my body, and my bound-up scrotum had swollen up nicely, stretching the skin tight across my balls. I rubbed my penis back and forth with one hand while batting my nipple clamps around with the other, increasing the intensity of the sensations in my chest. Occasionally, I would let my penis be for a while while I petted, held, and bounced around my swollen balls.

I decided to take a shower while all the toys were still on. First, I checked my balls and managed to get the rubber band around them a fifth time. Then I stepped into the shower. Showering with my sexual parts tied and clamped was a very different experience than normal. My penis was constantly erect and I had to constantly rub it, stroke it, and squeeze it to relieve my tension. The pain in my nipples and at the base of my balls increased in the shower, arousing me even more. When it was finally done, I left the shower with a massive erection that was begging to be taken care of. Precum had been leaking from my penis ever since the beginning and was reaching its peak here. Examining my balls again, I found that my sack had swollen up even larger and turned a reddish-purple color. I squeezed it and found it to be delightfully tight.

Lying down on the floor, the first thing I did was remove the clamps from my nipples. Each nipple experienced a brief moment of sharp pain as the clamps came off. Next, I set to fondling them while rubbing my erect penis back and forth. With my newly-freed nipples having acquired a great sensitivity to touch from being clamped for so long, this experience came on a whole new level compared to regular masturbation. I petted my smooth, shiny, swollen purple scrotum a lot during the session as well. Eventually I orgasmed and sent streams of cum flowing over my abdomen. After removing the rubber band with some difficulty, I had to wait a while to get my energy back.



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