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Best Mates Twin

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Every part of this story is completely true. It took place last year when we were 18.

Jack and I had been friends for about three years, ever since I started at his school. I became best mates with his twin brother, but Jack and I were still good friends. He was very attractive; about 5'10, very athletic, with dark hair and tanned skin. He was always popular with girls too, he had many girlfriends and was always dating someone.

We had planned a weekend up the coast with a whole group of our mates. We had hired a holiday house by the beach and planned to have some fun for a few days to get away from work and college. The weekend finally came, and myself, Jack, and his twin brother Corey loaded up the car for the drive to the house. The first night was just us three at the house, as our other friends had other commitments and would come later in the weekend.

We arrived at the house and began unpacking our things. We were all glad it was Friday and that we had finally arrived, so we opened a beer each and had some dinner. We were all pretty tired and didn't feel like partying too much, so just decided to put on a movie and relax.

Corey fell asleep pretty quickly, so myself and Jack decided to leave him to sleep and we moved to the TV in the other room. There was not much on TV, so Jack decided to go and have a bath. The house only had one toilet which was in the bathroom where Jack was. He always took his phone with him into the bathroom, so I sent him a text message to say to 'hurry up, I need to piss'. He replied 'Just come in, I'm not getting out!' I had only ever seen Jack's penis soft, when we would have to take a piss next to each other at the urinal. I was nervous to go in there, knowing he would be completely naked. I was attracted to him, often fantasised about masturbating with him or even doing more.

I headed to the bathroom and knocked. 'Come in man'. I opened the door.

'Nice bath?' I just looked him in the eye, not at his glorious body there in the water. I went and did my business. I finished up, washed my hands and went to head out.

'Just stay in here man, I don't want to get out.' So I stood up against the wall, and we chatted like normal. His body was amazing. Great chest, great abs. His pubis hair was thick but controlled, and his dick was amazing. It was a good 4.5 inches soft! Every now and then he would adjust himself, and his member would just float around in the water.

'Man its getting late, let's head off to bed.' I was getting pretty tired

'Ok bro, let me just dry off.' He stood up out of the bath. By this point I was getting hard, thinking about what I would love to do with him. When he stood up, I noticed he was getting semi hard too, but he was certainly not ashamed of it, and acted like nothing was going on.

He wrapped around his towel and we went to the bedroom. I sat down on the double bed and he, still wrapped in his towel, sat on the single.

'I wish we could get onto the internet here' I knew exactly what he was implying.

'Bro, we could just use your iPhone.'

'Oh, fuck yeh!' He was instantly excited now that he knew we could access some porn from our holiday house.

He came over and sat next to me on the bed, grabbed his phone, and found a suitable video. We began watching it, but awkwardly sat next to each other not knowing what to do next. Then, luckily, my phone message tone went off. I was distracted for a few seconds replying to the message. When I was done, I put my phone down and referred back to the video, only I noticed that something had snuck its way out of Jack's towel.

His 7' cock was absolutely beautiful. It was perfect girth for his length, and his trimmed hair framed it perfectly. The head looked firm and pulsing, with a small amount of pre-cum oozing from the tip as he went up and down it slowly with two hands.

Not a word was spoken. I pulled my own member out, and too began stroking.

For about five minutes, we just went at our own cocks without saying a word. Then I thought I should break the silence.

'Bro, what's it like with two hands'

'Give it a go man!'

'Two hands don't fit on mine, I'm not that big'

'I don't know about that man,' with that, he let go of his monster, and reached over for my average sized cock. 'Not bad man!' He continued to stroke my cock, slowly up and down, occasionally speeding it up, edging me closer and closer.

'Jack, I'm gonna cum! Jack!! Fuck!' With that, I came my biggest load ever, all over my stomach, and the rest dribbled out onto Jack's hand.

'Fuck man, you came heaps!'

'With a hand job like that, It's your turn now!'

I pushed his shoulders back on the bed, and began working his beast. His cock was amazing in my hand. It felt massive, rock hard. With my other hand, I began fondling his loose ball sack. By this point, we had completely forgotten about the phone we had set up, instead, we were each others pleasure. Jack moaned louder and louder as I edged him further and further and further.

Without warning, Jack started breathing much heavier, and eventually let out a massive moan followed by a huge load. It went everywhere, and seemed to last for ages.

We both got up, cleaned ourselves off, and I went off to my bedroom. Finally, my fantasy (in part) had come true. We never spoke of what happened again, but we both know that the other definitely enjoyed it.



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