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Best friends sisters panties!

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My best friend had his 18 year birthday party, i finally found his younger sisters dirty panties!


We were a few guys at my friends birthday party. We were out in the hot tub drinking while his 15yo sister was in the living room. I got a bit dizzy from drinking in the warm hot tub, and decided to call it and get a cold shower. I was told to use the downstairs shower, just next to the laundry room. I had never been much interested in my friends sister, but she had started to develop and i now found her kinda cute. I really wanted to know how her pussy smelled and see what kinda panties she used!

I went downstairs and checked that i was alone on that floor, which i was. I quickly went into the laundry room, but i couldn't find the light switch. I checked through all the clothes i could, but i couldn't find anything. I suddenly heard someone coming down the stairs! I quickly pulled my hand out of the laundry sorting-bins, and somehow a small pair of panties got cought on my fingers! I HAD FOUND ONE!! I rushed as quickly as i could into the bathroom with my treasure. Just a second or two later, one of my friends was knocking at the door, asking if i was done soon so he could take a shower too. I said i hadn't even started yet, and that i was on the toilet, to make him go away.

I opened the panties, they were grey hipster-style panties with hello kitty on them, so cute! In the gusset there were a light white patch of dried pussy juice which smelled absolutely awesome! They were the first panties i had smelled besides my sisters. I was shocked how different they smelled, this girl smelt sooo sweet, until this day i have never smelled anything like it. My sister however has a much more musky and dirty smell, but i loved both of their smells! I undressed and started wanking furiously. I was so hard i came in no time, i shot a huge load in the sink. I continued wanking hard and came yet again, but there was not much cum coming out this time.

I went in the shower and hung the panties on the shower wall. It didn't take long until i was rock hard again. I started wanking again while i thought about my friends cute young sister, wishing she was in there with me. I fantasized about her sweet smelling pussy and wondering how it looked like and if she shaved. I started thinking about how it would feel to slide inside her young pussy, filling her up with my cum deep inside her cunt. I came two more times and was completely exhausted. I had to sit down in the shower for a few minutes.

My friend came down the stairs and started hammering on the door. I got dressed and out of there quickly. I pocketed the panties and went to the living room where the rest of the guys and the cute sister was! I had to really focus not getting hard standing there talking with her while i still had the smell of her sex in my nose, knowing i had just smelled her pussy and that i had her dirty panties with dried up juices in my pocket!

I took the panties with me when i went home a few hours later. I went straight to my room and started wanking again, i was so tense after talking with her afterwards, it was such a rush! I came two times before i went to sleep, i was so spent i don't think i have ever fallen asleep that fast.

Over the next 2 years, i used her panties for almost every wank i had, they kept their smell really good and got me going so hard. Just thinking about that i had her panties got me hard! I made sure to never cum in them, until i got a gf who was kinda snooping around in my room. I didn't want her to find them, and i felt it was wrong of me to smell the panties while i was in a serious relationship, and the smell was almost gone anyways, so i had my final wank with them. I finally got to fill them with my cum! Then i threw them out so my gf wouldn't find them. I kinda regret that now, but i will always have the memories :)

I think of those panties every time i see my friends sister, and i still have to struggle really hard not to get hard when she's around. If she only knew how much pleasure her smelly panties had given me over the years. I have fantasized about telling her a few times, but i can't bring myself to do it, i can't risk her telling her brother and my friends.



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