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Best Friends Sister

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This is about two males and one female.


Now this happened some time ago. I was staying over at my best friends house with him and his younger sister. I had driven my car over, I didn't have to stay over but we're very good friends. It was summer time and I went to get the pizza we ordered. I came back with a large pizza, it was late. I just opened the door, then walked into the TV room and I about dropped the pizza on the floor.

There was Kathy not her real name, sitting on the couch with nothing on but her tee shirt and her legs spread just a little for her brother. I wanted to leave because I didn't know if I walked in on something I wasn't suppose to see. Kathy told me to shut my mouth because I looked silly. Then she giggled, so didn't Jeff. Jeff said, see I told you he'd never seen a real pussy before.

Kathy asked is that true, I turned bright red, I said it always dark in the car when I'm out on a date and most of the time I only get to feel a girls..... Kathy finished for me, pussy, yeah. I asked what if your Mom and Dad come home, you'll catch hell if they catch you like that. Jeff said relax Dad has too much to drink, and Mom doesn't drive at night, so there gone till morning, they just called.

Kathy said please sit down your making me nervous plus you got a big lump in your jeans. I sat next to Jeff, set the pizza down and Jeff said look the deal is we got to show Kathy our dicks and you can get naked if you want to. But no touching Kathy, she said look all you want to. I want to see some hard ons. I felt a little strange, then Jeff stood up and dropped his pants and underwear. Well, he said standing there, I stood and did the same thing Kathy said very nice Jeff yours is longer but Jimmy's almost as long but thicker and he's wetter than you are.

Now Kathy is a very pretty girl long brown hair and she's tall not very big up top but she's got nice long legs and not much hair is covering her sex. She sitting with her legs parted just a little bit. She reaches over and pick up something that looks like a drill but it got a round smooth knob on the end and it got a trigger like a drill. I asked what is that, one of my Moms toys, holy shit your Mom got one of those things, yeah she does is there a problem, no no I didn't mean anything by saying that, I'm just surprised that is all. She told me that she get lonely when Daddy's away.

Kathy said I heard her using this last night and she was moaning and she sounded like she was crying. Well I opened her bedroom door and saw her rubbing her pussy with this and she caught me I shut the door and went back to my bedroom. Mom came in and asked me why I was watching her, I said I wasn't mom, I thought I heard you crying, I was worried about you. Ooh well I wasn't crying. Well I saw you, Mom said look I get lonely when you father is on a business trip. Mom just said next time knock on my door before opening, then left.

I was telling Jeff about this thing and he asked what she was doing with it, I was just going to show him when you came back with the pizza. Well show us Kathy said Jeff, Kathy spread her legs wide I groaned, Kathy looked up what's wrong she asked Nothing I blushed you really are beautiful, Jeff said yeah you really are and he was slowly stroking himself. I was afraid if I touched myself I'd explode I was so hard my dick was throbbing.

Kathy said thank you and turned the thing on and shut it right off. What wrong Jeff asked, it tickles my hand, well show us what Mom was doing with it but don't turn it on. Kathy has very fleshy lips and she dragged it between them and just touched the trigger lightly and it started buzzing. She almost jumped straight up off the couch, no wonder Mom was making all those noises, Wow this thing feels wonderful.

Kathy sat back down spread her legs again and rubbed it around the out side of her pussy lips then after a minute, she slipped her first finger into her pussy I heard Jeff moan and I looked over and he was pumping his dick and cum was shooting out and all over the place. Kathy squealed when she saw him do that and asked, me why I hadn't done that yet. I said I'd feel funny it you saw me do that, don't you want to cum..... Don't you like what I'm doing, Ooh yeah I really do

Kathy shut it off and pulled her tee shirt over her head and showed me her small tits, she cupped them and said would you squirt on my chest. I want to feel what it's like to have a boy squirt on me. I'd have Jeff do it but he's already squirted. So she kind of blushed and batter her eye lids at me, would you do it. I looked at Jeff he was resting yeah go ahead Kathy wants you too so it OK.

I kicked my feet out of my jeans walked over and stood in front of Kathy and stroked my dick Kathy had spread her legs wide again and said Jimmy cum on my tits, she watched as I pumped up and down on my dick I tried to hold back as long as I could. I was looking especial between Kathy legs. Them I started to cum on her naked body I was groaning and pushed my hips forward trying to cum on her tits but it was hard to aim while I came Kathy was squealing and I finally had to sit down next to her because my legs were so weak. I finally looked over and I never have cum so much before. Wow she said you cum a lot don't you. I guess so I hope your happy.

Kathy blushed and asked me how come I never asked her out I'm only a year younger then you. Well because Jeff is my friend and you are his sister, well I wouldn't want Jeff mad at me. OK fair enough, I guess.

Go sit back over there with Jeff so I did and Kathy started her Mom's toy up again and was really going to town on her pussy. The sounds that girl can make. Kathy had us both hard again and we both squirted on her this time, I never dated Kathy, I was afraid she'd want to go too far and I couldn't, or hurt her or Jeff.



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