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Best Friends Girl

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This happened 10 years ago


Ten years ago my best friend called me at work and asked if I was busy. I told him now yes but later I wasn't. He started to tell me he was busy with work and needed to work all night on a presentation and needed someone to take his girlfriend to a concert. I told him okay and what time I should pick her up.

Jaime was a real bitch and I didn't get along with her but I did it for my friend. When I arrived at her parents house she greeted me with a hello. We started to go to the show at a club 20 minutes away. She did thank me and said she loves the band and I told her no problem. Jaime looks at me and asks why I don't like her. I tell her she is rude to me and has always come off as a real bitch sometimes. Jaime gets quiet and I tell her I am sorry I didn't mean it. Jaime says I did and that she was sorry if she caused any hurt feelings.

At the show we are in the middle of the floor and Jaime starts to dance. I am dancing with her and in the middle she starts to rub her butt up against my crotch. I get wood and Jaime notices. She turn around and kisses my neck and then turns back around. We are now bumping and grinding and I am very turned on. After the set is over Jaime takes me by the hand and we leave. We drive to my place and Jaime is very turned on and her nipples are hard as rocks. Once we get into my door she turns around and tells me to strip. I am stripping and so is she. Once I am naked my dick is hard as a rock. I look at Jaime and she is a picture of heaven. We go to my king size bed and start to make out. Our hands are all over each other and soon I am rubbing her pussy and she is stroking me. We are facing each other masturbating on another. Jaime is stroking me faster and faster as I slide my fingers in deep and use my thumb to rub her clit.

Jaime lays back and moans loudly and I feel her pussy walls get tight and I know she is having an orgasm. Jaime starts to stroke me faster and I hit my orgasm and fire a long rope of cum on her chest. Once we are finished we laugh and go to the bathroom to clean up. Jaime comes back into the bedroom and I go into the bathroom. When I go into the bedroom Jaime is under the covers. I ask what she is doing and she tell me she wants to cuddle. I pull back the covers and she is still naked. We cuddle for a few minutes and I am again hard. Jaime asks for round two. I laugh and she grabs hold and starts sliding up and down my dick. She is now in control and starts to go slow and then faster and faster. In ten minutes I am cumming again. Jaime finally has her orgasm from me fingering her and lays on top of me and says this is the best session she has had in a long time. I ask about my friend and she says who.

A few days go by and my friend calls me and says Jaime dumped him. I ask why and he tells me she said she found someone else. I tell him sorry. A few weeks later after Jaime and I continue our romance she tells me she is relocating for her job. I ask where to and she tells me. Then she says she wants me to go and her company has a job in my field. I smile and tell her let me interview for the job first. Two weeks later I am packing up and moving with Jaime. Once we are moved I call my now ex best friend and tell him thanks for having me go to the concert.



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