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Best Friends

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Best Friends by Anonymous
I haven't posted a story for quite some time ( see "You Are Not Alone - 3/13/98" ). Now as I sit here contemplating days past and friends gone
by, I submit another adventure. Since the writing of the last story, Scott and I haven't kept in touch as often as either of us would like. He is now married and has a beautiful child, I am living with my girlfriend, and we are separated by 250 miles and adult responsibilities. Although our lives have led us down differing paths, we do still call each other from time to time to share the state of our masturbatory practices ( or lack thereof - big sigh - depending on the week ). Mostly, it is Scott sending me some "inspirational" photographs to brighten up a sometimes hectic day. Women have their long talks or nights-out to re-aquaint themselves... Scott and I have masturbation. Last summer a friend of ours got married and Scott and I attended the bachelor party. Due to the logistics of the event and people arriving from out-of-town, we decided to travel together: I would drive 3 hours to Scott's, pick him up, then we would travel to our home town ( a 1 hour drive ) together where we would meet with the rest of the group, drive another 45 minutes, then visit a strip bar or two ( old habits die hard - pun intended ). The evening would conclude with Scott and me driving 2 hours back to his home. Upon picking him up, I think we were both a little anxious in thinking about the events that lay ahead for us: we had spoken of masturbating often in the preceding weeks; we were going to see some more of those curvaceous, beautiful women; and we were going to be alone.

But as best friends do, we immediately fell into old ways ( enjoying the company of a good friend ) and drove straight to an adult book store for some road smut ( by the way, a road trip is not a road trip without road smut - that is a rule that should be learned, lived, and loved ). Once on the road again, we each took turns looking at the pictures and the urge to masturbate grew ( dammit, there goes another one of those puns ). As we drove along, I needed some relief and decided to pull my quickly hardening cock out of my shorts. Slowly stroking, I asked Scott if he wanted to join. Unfortunately, he was not yet in the mood. After continuing for a few minutes longer ( and catching Scott glimpse my hard dick from time to time ), I decided to postpone my gratification. Upon arriving in our home town, we made a brief stop at my parents' home, only to find no one home?! Grasping ( oops, another one ) the opportunity to relieve a little tension, I went to my brother's room and pulled out a hidden stash of Playboy's he kept ( sneaky little devil - I never could have pulled that off ) and began inspecting the lovely women inside those glamorous, glossy covers. Meanwhile, Scott had disappeared to another part of the house.

Sitting there perusing the pages, my cock ached ( almost literally ) for attention. So I slid down my shorts and boxers and once again took matters into hand. The feeling of my hard cock ( rigid, by this time ) made the wait well worth it - slowing moving my hand up and down the shaft felt wonderful. After a few minutes, Scott wandered into the room to find me once again working away. It seems his disappearance was a result of the need to relieve some tension of his own - he had snuck off to the bathroom to masturbate. Feeling a bit disappointed in not being to able to share a mutual session, I browsed a few more pages before going into the bathroom to finish up. The bachelor party itself was a bit of a let-down... but we did get to see live, naked, gyrating women... which is always a nice thing. Finally around 1am, Scott and I decided to hit the road and drive back to his house. The first hour of the trip wasn't too bad - but shortly thereafter, the late night sleep crept upon us and it was difficult to keep our eyes open. So, we decided to masturbate ( finally! ) to rejuvinate us - while driving down the road! Though our cocks were soft when we first took them out, the sight of the other's and the excitement surrounding what was once again going to take place, quickly hardened them. Though I could stroke with one hand, I decided to delay my orgasm until Scott had finished ( as I was driving, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy it as much ). Driving down the dark highway with only the interior lights to illuminate our activities, I slowly pulled the skin on my hard cock up and down as I watched Scott enjoy himself.

Using his left hand to gently pull and massage his balls, Scott used his right hand to fully work his hard dick - increasing the pressure his hand exerted as it moved from the base of the shaft to the head, squeezing his hand tighter as it reached the top - then repeating the process. Alternating between between movements, he concentrated on his effort and was thoroughly enjoying his pleasure. Finally, Scott lurched forward and came for the second time that day, groaning as he squeezed out every drop of cum his cock would offer. After he cleaned up, it was my turn to enjoy a good cum. To ease my situation, Scott leaned over and took the steering wheel, allowing me to more fully concentrate on my cock. With his arm within inches of my dick and his head within a foot or two, Scott watched as I worked my cock and balls. Using my left hand, I massaged my balls and gently tugged on my shaft while my right hand worked in a rythmic fashion - moving up the shaft, twisting my hand just below the base of the head and descending again. As the feelings intensified and the urge to cum approached, I leaned back as far as I could - I wanted to shoot all over myself. As I pulled up my shirt with one hand, I released a strong orgasm with the other - oozing cum onto my belly.

After this trip was over and I had time to reflect, I realized that Scott and I enjoy watching each other masturbate and sharing the experience together. I think it is another one of those things that men feel but don't acknowledge. But overall, I think most men, being very sexual in nature, find some interest in other men masturbating. For Scott and myself, it began with sharing our past experiences, then experiencing it together. I enjoy watching the way he stimulates himself and the way he moves his hands around his cock and balls - actually, it is a turn-on watching and being watched. I have even thought about sharing our "techniques" with each other ( that thought has "driven" a few masturbation sessions of my own ), but don't know if that is just a thought or a desire to make him cum ( once he was having trouble reaching an orgasm while we were masturbating together on a country road - another story - and I asked him if he wanted me to use my technique on him... he politely rejected my offer, mumbling something about the fact that it was "his dick" ). But either way, my point is that sharing experiences such as these with others can only make people feel better about themselves and strengthen relationships... and that is what masturbation is all about anyway - feeling comfortable with your body, enjoying it, and sharing it.



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