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Best Friends

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This happened a few years ago


My best friend lives a couple of streets away. Everyone at school thought we were weird because it was a girl-guy friendship. We'll call him David.

Anyway one night I went over to his house for a sleepover. I had a crush on him, but I hadn't told him. We decided to watch a scary movie because his parents were out. He knows I get scared with that movie so everytime something bad happened I would hug him and hide my eyes. He just kept watching and patted my knee. It was nothing until his hand started making its way up my thigh.

I had been masturbating for ages and I knew what to do and also knew some things about boys. While his hand was moving up my leg I lay down on his lap to see what would happen. As I lay my head down I could feel him getting an erection. It was when his hands reached my skirt that I felt his eyes on me.

'Mandie?' he asked. 'Mmm' was all I could say. 'We're mature aren't we?' he asked. 'Yes David we are' I replied feeling myself get wet. 'May I?' he asked, picking up my skirt. 'David what are you thinking?!' I gasped. 'I'm thinking that I know that I'm in love with you. I know we are young and sex is definately not an option, but seeing as my parents don't get back until tomorrow afternoon, I was thinking we could do something else?' he explained. 'I love you too David, so ok. Let's do this' I replied getting comfy on his bed. He turned off the movie and lifted up my skirt. I had never been naked in front of any man before. As he carefully slid my panties off he said 'You know, this is the first pussy I've ever seen and it's awesome'. I spread my legs wide to give him a good view. He slowly and hesitantly touched my pussy, which was aching to cum.

'You ever masturbate David?' I asked. 'Yeah' he replied. 'Well girls do. They touch their pussy you know. We play with our clit and stick our fingers or things inside us' I said. 'Okay' he replied, touching my clit. 'Can you please make me cum David, I need to cum' I said pleading. 'Sure' he said.

He played with my clit with one finger and placed two inside me and pumped away. He reached up to my breasts. 'May I?' he asked. 'Only if when you finish me off I get to jack you off' I replied. 'Absolutely' he said before getting my top and bra off in a hurry and started feeling my breasts. His touch was like magic and I couldn't help but groan. I came hard on his fingers and cried out as I did so. He licked my juices off his fingers.

'Your turn baby' I said, before ripping his pants and shirt off. He was in some boxers and had a nice big tent in them. 'Excited are we?' I asked taking his boxers off. 'Yes. I've been waiting for this day for ages' he said, laying back and enjoying the hand-job I was giving him. 'You know, I've never seen a dick before, and it's amazing!' I said. Before he came he screamed my name and told me not to stop. He shot cum everywhere.

We cleaned up, but didn't get dressed. We continued bringing each other to orgasm until we were so exhausted we fell asleep in each others arms. We are now going out with each other and have repeated that night many times.



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