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Best Birthday Present To Date

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One weekend a couple months before my 37th birthday party, My wife and I were at a couples game night with a bunch of friends drinking and talking. Of course, as the night went on and drinks got heavier, the conversation ended up moving toward sex. Mainly about threesomes. Something I had never experienced but as a man it was on my bucket list. My wife was a whole lot less sexual. So we maintained a great marriage basically with me masturbating a lot. Once the night was over, we got home, went to bed and never spoke about that awkward for her, hot for me  conversation again.

My birthday weekend approaches and my wife said that she set up our kids going to stay with their grandparents saturday night. I just went with it and we went to one of our favorite places for dinner and drinks.  My wife says, limit yourself to like three drinks and we'll go home after. In my mind I was hoping that meant we would go home and have sex. And then drink after because sex after drinking sometimes doesn't work out. We pulled into the driveway. And my wife says I'm going to blindfold you before we walk in the house. She does and we walk in. I can tell by the way we're walking that we're walking into our bedroom. As I'm walking down the hallway. I can feel my heart pounding out of my throat  and my cock growing hard in anticipation of what might be happening. We Get into the room and she places me up against the wall facing the bed. And says are you ready Isaac?  Yes and she takes the blind fold off. To my shock a really close friend of ours, I'll call her Lisa, Is lying on the bed in a very sexy lingerie outfit. I say ok what's going on here.


My wife then explains that her and Lisa had been talking about the conversation. We had about the threesome at the last party a couple of months ago. My wife knew that it was something. I really wanted to do and she was very insecure and started speaking to Lisa about it. I guess Lisa had been with a girl a couple of times in her past, but also had yet to have a three sum as well. They said that they came up with a plan that as long as I was OK with it. We could fool around tonight for my birthday. The rules were only my wife and Lisa would technically be having sex tonight? I could touch my wife and Lisa a little bit but could not penetrate Lisa at all. Of course I agree. So they had me lay on the bed. And Lisa got up into the next to my wife. My wife is a bbw with huge 44G breasts, her areolas and skin color and big with thick nipples. Her pussy, which I trim, has a neatly trimmed lancing stipe with blonde pussy hair. Lisa was a thick girl,  found out that night,  she had 36 C breasts. 



As Lisa moved close to my wife, she leaned in and started making out with her. I watched as my timid insecure wife made out with her back. I was so turned on watching Lisa undress my wife and watching my wife grope Lisa's large breasts in her sexy lingerie. While watching I took my shoes, shorts and shirt off. Leaving myself laying there in underwear. At some point, Lisa takes my wife's large breast in her hand and starts sucking on her nipple, As she does this, she looks over at me and says. Are you not turned on yet, are you gonna whip that cock out? Honestly I didn't wanna overstock my boundaries so I Was rubbing my cock on top of my underwear while that was happening. I quickly oblige and pull my underwear off releasing my completely hard throbbing cock. Lisa, stop sucking my wife's nipple to say. Wow your wife said you had a nice looking cock but you're actually pretty huge. I'm 6 foot 4 with arms leaves and legs sleeve tattoos. I'm shaved completely and when hard I'm seven inches and uncut. 



I start slowly jerking my cock. The girls make their way over to the bed. Lisa stands in front of me at the end of the bed. My wife goes behind her and slowly pulls the backside of the lingerie down.  I've always thought about what Lisa would look like naked. But never thought I would have a chance. As the lingerie goes down it reveals Lisa's great looking breasts. She had bigger then half dollar areolas, that were dating then her skin color and thick nipples as well.  I think Lisa could tell I was turned on she said, On my breast making your dick harder. I tell her yes they are. My wife finally drops the rest of the laundry to the floor, revealing Lisa's bald pussy. Lisa says I hope you don't mind that it's bald. The hair really makes me itch so I get waxed every two weeks. I was so turned on looking at Lisa standing in front of me totally nude. I started to have pre cum. Lisa says I guess you don't have to say anything you're excitement is coming out of your dick...



My wife then lays down on the bed next to me on her back, Lisa tells her to relax and start kissing on her thighs and making her way to her pussy.  My wife says to me get on your knees next to me so I do. She grabs my now hard cock covered in precum and puts it in her mouth. Just as her mouth goes on, my cock, Lisa starts licking her pussy and she likes out a huge moan. I'm so turned on, I'm not even watching my wife work my cock, I'm watching Lisa eat my wife. My wife only cums from clit play, I can tell by her breathing she was getting close.  I pull my cock out of my wifes mouth, if I let he go on, I would have cummed already.  As my wife edged close,  I begin to bite and such her nipples.  My wife then lets out a huge moan and cums on Lisa's face.  My wife says to her,  you were amazing,  your turn.  Lisa then climbs up the bed and lays on her back.  My wife says, no hang on. She has me lay on the bed and tells Lisa to climb on my face.  She said she didn't think she was ready to eat pussy but knew I was.  I couldn't believe what I'm just heard.  Lisa then says, well only if he he wants to.  I tell her to climb on.  



She straddles my face facing my cock view. Her sweet pussy and asshole right in my face.  I reach up and grab her breasts and start licking her already wet pussy.  As she is grinding my face I feel my wife climb into my cock.  I now can feel my wife's hands on Lisa's breasts so I remove mine and focus back on eating Lisa out. From her angle I move my tongue back and forth between her clit, pussy and asshole. At some point,  Lisa says right there, don't stop.  I continue just licking her hard clit and she lets out a loud moan.  At that moment my wife dies to.  It seemed like both were cumming together.  Lisa finished cumming and climbs off my face.  She says,  not only do you have a big cock, but hot tongue... My wife stops riding and says are you close, I say yes.  She gets off my cock and they both sit on the floor together. I couldn't believe this.  They both say to me,  well what are you waiting on.



I walk closer to them and start jerking. They are facing each other,  breasts pressed up against each other.  They start making out, and that's all I needed.  I tell them I'm thing to cum.  They stop kissing and open they mouths. I'm not going to lie, I've cummed in my wife a ton but never Lisa. Her mouth open, I try not to make it look like it but my first shot of cum I point towards her face.  The load shoots out, most into her mouth.  I then shoot a couple more loads out, mostly landing on their breasts. I jerk every last ounce out. Lisa then leans in and starts making out with my wife again.  They rub my cum all over their breasts and mouths. My wife says, hang out here were going to shower and clean up.  Then you can.  



They get in the shower.  I can hear then giggling and talking.  The thought of this and hang then,  my cock starts growing again.  During the about 15 minutes of them the the shower, I stood there unable to see them but listening. I started jerking my cock again.  They get out and say, your turn.  I walk by and go in. I rinse the cum away but start being again thinking about it all.  After about 5 minutes,  I'm getting close the shower curtain open. Lisa looks in, she says what are you doing.  I said in was so turned on I couldn't help myself.  I say, where is my wife.  She says making us drinks.  She then says cum again for me.  I continue jerking and tell her I'm going to cum,  she says come close,  I do and she gets on her knees.  She grabs my cock and drains my cum down her throat.  She stands up and says, our secret. 



Damn that was one hot birthday night.  We got drunk that night and she ubered home.  I hope to do that again soon.  




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