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Being the Teacher

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My younger brother and I have always been close, I think this comes from our Dad being in the Army and moving around every couple of years. We were both upstairs playing on his Mega Drive as our parents were out shopping when suddenly without warning I thought 'I wonder if Barry has started wanking yet, I did when I was his age?'.

I waited for a brief pause in the gameplay and just asked 'Barry, do you wank?'

A rather abrupt 'No!' was the answer I got.

'Have you ever thought about it?'

'No. Well, maybe, er, no.'

'You have haven't you?' I said with a grin.

'Recently I've touched my erect cock a bit at night but that's all really'.

Bingo, I felt I'd struck gold here. I tried to carry on the conversation 'gently' trying to discuss things related to it but not masturbation directly. After about an hour of occasional talking about sexy celebs, pretty clothing worn by girls in newspapers, people being caught cheating I felt ready to get back to masturbation.

'So, what do you do when you go to bed then?'

Barry stuttered a bit at first but soon relaxed and told me how he rubs the shaft of his cock with the tips of his fingers and just holds the shaft 'enjoying the warmth in my hand.'

I could see Barry shuffling a bit, 'do you want to show me?'

Another firm 'no!'

'It's OK, I'll copy you if it'll make you feel better.'

I was actually thinking I could show Barry how I masturbate and he could copy me.

He took his jeans off, then his t-shirt and despite the head of his cock sticking out of his pants he paused for a few seconds a little reluctant to finish getting undressed.

I quickly took my clothes off and stood naked in front of Barry with my cock fattening but trying not to think about it.

'See, nothing to worry about.'

Barry looked down at his pants and took them off.

It was strange stood 2 metres away from my brother both of us with erections, the silence was deafening, this was the last thing I was expecting to have happened!

After what seemed like an age I said 'Will you show me?'

Barry started touching his shaft very gently with the tips of his fingers, then he opened his hand, took hold of his erection and just stopped moving his hand.

'Try moving your hand slowly up and down, like this.'

I grabbed hold of my shaft and slowly moved my hand up and down.

It felt incredible!

As Barry copied me he said 'Wow, nice' as he moved his hand quite fast.

'Slow down a bit, trust me it'll feel just as good.'

Barry did slow down, for a bit but soon picked up speed again.

'OK, stop, I've got an idea.'

I went in to my bed room and picked up my copy of Razzle I kept hidden, picked up the toilet roll from the loo and went back in to Barry's room.

I noticed the head of Barry's cock was covered in pre cum so I gave him a square and said to have a quick wipe.

I sat down next to him, opened the mag and we flicked through commenting on the girls and their pictures. After five minutes or so my cock was covered in pre cum and was twitching like mad but I looked over at Barry's cock, it was shorter than mine but he was only 14 (I was 19) so it was to be expected. Without think I reached out, put my hand around his cock and very slowly started wanking him.

His cock felt very hot and it wasn't long before I felt it start to twitch. 'Aaaahhhh, mmmmmmm' and then with several much stronger contractions I felt Barry's juices cover my fingers.

He opened his eyes and looked at me, 'thankyou that was bloody brilliant!'

I smiled and said 'do you want to make me cum too?'

Barry took hold of my twitching shaft and moved his hand up and down, it was faster than I was expecting but I didn't stop him as all I wanted was for him to make me cum half as good as his climax seemed to be!

30 seconds later I felt a very strong climax and shot my load on his hand and my pants.

We both chuckled and started cleaning up before our parents got back.

We did jack each other off a couple more times but it seemed better if we remembered our first time together and carried off wanking in private.



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