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Being Jerked Off In Traction

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Being Jerked Off in TractionWhen I was 22 years old I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Due to the extent of my injuries I had to be placed in traction and was totally helpless with both arms and one leg suspended in the air. As the days went by I not only became bored but I became terribly horny as well. There was no way that I could masturbate. The nurses kept me in a hospital nightshirt that covered me above the waist. They kept just a sheet on me below the waist so they could get at me with pee-bottles and bed pans. It was a hot summer and the small country clinic I was in had no air conditioning. I had a constant erection and the sheet over me bulged between my legs like a tent. I was mortified, but there was nothing I could do about it. I had sexual dreams all night and thought about nothing but sex all day. The nurses either totally ignored my constant erections or just snickered when they saw it.My wife laughed when she saw the bulge of my erection under the sheet, but she was too fastidious and proper to give me any sexual relief. I always knew that my wife's brother Chris and his wife Amy hated me, but I never realized how much until that summer.One day my wife's brother Chris and his wife Amy came to visit me. Amy was dressed to the hilt. She was a sweet faced blond and she wore a tight white skirt, red long sleeved top and white hight heeled slides that showed off her pretty feet. They stared at my erection and laughed at me. They said that I wasn't coordinated enough or skilled enough to ride a motorcylce and that I was a loser. They said that that were sorry I had ever married into the family.Chris said that Amy was going to do something to me that would prove I was a wimp and a queer. Amy smiled and pulled a samll bottle of baby oil out of her purse. She rubbed it on her hands and then pulled my sheet off me to expose my hard penis. I begged her and Chris to cover me again but they just laughed. I had never been so ashamed in my life. Amy smiled sweetly as she took me penis in one hand and my scrotum in the other. Then she began the firm pulling and milking motions of masturbation while her husband watched. I squirmed and begged, panting and sweating - all dignity forgotten as I gave in to the wicked sensations she was making me have. Soon I was practically drooling and arching my back into her tugs. Amy was laughing and giggling while she did it to me - she couldn't stop. Chris was mocking me and said that I was a faggot and a queer to let her play games with my sex organ like this in front of him. I simply could not believe how good it felt. Finally my penis started to twitch and spasm in her pumping fist. I knew she had me then. I contorted, grunting and moaning as the climax began. A second later I erupted, shooting thick gobs of semen high in the air to plop down all over my stomach, abdomen and Amy's still masturbating hands. I shouldn't have tried to hold back from shame because it made my climax all the more messy and spectacular when it did come. I sank back weak and exhausted as Amy milked out the last pathetic drops from my now softening penis. She kept tugging and milking till I went totally limp in her hands. Then they laughed at me and made fun of me. Amy wiped her messy hands on my sheets and they left me like that for the nurses to find, all messy and covered in cum. I was so weak and sleepy after my masturbation I could barely keep my eyes open.



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