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Being Away on Business Could Be Fun

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She really got me going.

Last week I had to go away for the week on business.Our company is trying to generate a larger customer base.We had most of the sales people there.You know listening to speeches and different ideas.I was one of the speakers.Anyway after day one I went back to my room.After about an hour I got an idea to look up a nearby lesbian bar on line. It took only a short time and I found one.I got dressed,finding a pair of very tight pants.They are so tight they show off every crack and curve on my body.A sexy top,a little makeup and off I went.I got there and was looking around.Sitting at the bar alone.Then a young woman in her early twenties approached me.She knew me from the meeting.She said Cindy!!What brings you to a place like this??Her name was Jo Ann.She was very short very large on top and had a very large ass.Best way to describe her was very chubby.She had blond hair just like me only she was not a natural blond.She sat next to me and we spoke for a while.She said she was from our Midwest office.She was very young.Telling her my story how sometimes I enjoy female company,she said she had never had it but wanted to try.Being away from home this would be a great time to try.I asked if she was married.She said no but was getting married next year. Well I put my hands on her large thighs asking if she would like to try her first time with an older woman.OH yes very much so.She told me that when I was speaking today she was thinking how I would like to get what was under that skirt. We then went back to the hotel where we were both staying.I told her to go to her room and get what she needed to have in the morning,because she was staying all night.We then arrived in my room.I went to the bathroom to freshen up coming out in only panties. I sat down on a chair and told Jo Ann go ahead undress for me.She took off her top and bra.Her tits were so large they were flopping around everywhere. Her nipples were so large but not as dark as mine.Then she took off her pants.I thought it was strange she was wearing a pair of dare I say granny panties. Large full cut.They were red nylon with white trim.Another thing I thought strange was this young woman having a hairy pussy.It was so hairy her dark pubis were coming out the sides of her panties.This some how even got me more excited. I then stood up and walked up to her.Putting my arms around her kissing her gently.I could tell she was a little afraid.I told her not to worry.I would not do anything she felt uncomfortable with.I put her on the bed and began sucking her tits,then kissing my way down to her belly then her beautiful hairiness.I was down fingering her and then started to eat her to a wonderful climax.She was calling my name OH CINDY YOUR MAKING ME COME!!!!As her fat ass lifted off the bed and she exploded with pleasure.Still fingering her pussy.Thinking how large her hole was and how she was able to take three and four fingers with no problem (Her guy must be hung,thinking for a moment how good she must get it at home) Then as I went to finger her ass.This did not seem to please her.Her ass hole was tight I could tell nothing ever entered it.This was an exit only. After she came and recovered from her orgasm I asked her would you like to taste my pussy.She said yes.As I got on my back and opened my legs.She went down on me like she had been doing it before.She knew just where and how to eat a pussy.I lifted my legs higher and wanted her to do it to my ass hole too.I felt her tongue enter my ass.She took me over the top right away.This young fat woman really knew how to eat a woman. The next morning I awoke the bed was empty.I thought she left.Then I heard her in the bathroom.She was getting dressed and taking care of morning business.She came out looking beautiful as I stayed in bed for just another few minutes. I said to her I will see you again tonight????She said I was going to ask you the same thing.So lets have dinner after the meeting today.I will see you downstairs in a little while. She said could we keep what we do to ourselves?We have to.I do not want everyone to know my business.Oh before you go!!! Was what was under my skirt pleasing to you???Better than I ever thought.



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