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While I was growing up, I was very curious about my cock. It was always frequently hard and I never knew why. By the time I was eight I had found my parents stash of porn and a copy of 'Joy of Sex'. I remember looking at all the pictures and reading the erotic stories, still very naive about the whole concept.

Reading the stories and seeing all the pussy and tits made my cock wet and at the time I thought that was my cum. I never stroked it, because I never knew enough to. I just rubbed it and touched it.

One night I happened to rub my cock head across the sheets on my bed. HEAVEN! I did it again and began to learn a bit more about the sensations I was missing. It did get too sensitive and I started using the palm of my hand instead. So, here I am hard cock with my right hand wrapped around it, drawing circles in the palm of my left hand. It felt good. It felt great! and it made me cum! Because it was just the head being stimulated, it made my cock head get very raw and sore. I decided the next time I would use lotion, which was much better, but all the sensations had a side effect. It made me have to pee. Right there, I would start spurting pee into my hand. I managed not to get any on my bed (the pee stopped when I stopped rubbing my cock head). Off to the washroom I went to finish my rubbing and cumming. I started spending a lot of time outside, so I could do it in private and not worry about getting pee everywhere. (I remember almost getting caught by my mother once, that prompted me to go outside. I was laying in my bed, reading a porn I had found, naked, with my hard cock in a little cup I had to catch the pee, next thing I know, there is my mother in the door way!)

I started getting really good at this method and after a short while, I was able to control the pee urge and masturbated every night this way for months, whenever and wherever I got the chance.

Later in my life, I accidently happened to rub the underside of my hard cock with my hand and realized that sensation felt pretty damn good. I modified my cock-holding right hand to stroke up and down while drawing circles on my left palm, but soon realized the stroking alone is very nice. My first cum that way is still embedded in my mind, I didn't know what a true orgasm was until then. I screamed in surprise when the orgasm hit me (my grandmother was in the next room)! My previous technique made cum come out, but stroking it this way made me really ORGASM.

I jerk off all the time now. I will tell you about some of my experiences sometime, okay?



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