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Bedtime J/O

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BedtimeLast night, I was getting ready to go to bed. I pulled the sheets back, about to climb in when I slipped my right hand down my sweatpants to feel my balls. They felt huge! As most guys know, if you wait a few days between masturbations, your balls feel bigger. It had only been two days since I last got off, and I wasn't particularly horny...until now. My balls felt satisfyingly large, and after cupping them for a short while, I had an instant hard-on. I quickly removed all my clothes and lubed up, stroking slowly with my right hand and cupping my enormous balls with the left. I turned on the radio and had music on in the background. I sat on the floor leaning against my bed and got out my adult magazine and read the erotic stories. All this time I was stroking hard but slowly, and feeling my huge balls tightening up. I was matching my stroking with the rhythm of a particular song on the radio, and halfway through a story about a woman giving a guy a blowjob, the feeling was incredible. I grasped my cock in my right hand, but held my hand still; I thrusted my hips and my awesome hard dick in and out of my slick hand. Breathing heavy and moaning with delight, I came in one of the hardest orgasms I've ever had, shooting well over my shoulder onto the bed behind me. I sat there for a few minutes to recover, as I had really taken myself by surprise!Since my heart was still pounding, I decided to go ahead and work-out. After half-an-hour of weight lifting, sit ups, and other exercises, I decided to try to go to bed again. However, again I reached into my sweatpants to feel my balls. They weren't as huge as before, but they still felt nice. This brought on another hard-on, so I got my magazine and lubed up again. I looked at several pictures of increbible naked women, stroking hard, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Reading the erotic stories turned me on even more. While the first time took about ten minutes of constant simulation, this time was taking longer, despite the fact that I was stroking faster than before. I turned to this picture of a woman laying on her back, one hand touching her firm breast and the other cupping her sweet pussy. I stared at that picture, imagining us getting off in front of each other. I could feel the awesome power of orgasm building up once again, so I stroked faster. Grunting and moaning, stroking until I could take no more, I shot my load. This time I didn't have as much cum, and this time it shot just to my shoulder. But it felt incredible, as good as the first one. I then climbed into bed and had a great night's sleep.



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