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Bathhouse Fun

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Chronicles of some of my bath house visits..

As some may be aware in the 70s and then into the early 80s the bath house scene became a place for men and sometimes even women to meet up and have sex. Unfortunately with aids this stopped but apparently about 10 or more years ago they started opening up again and are in full force. Here I want to discuss my first visit to one in my home town not that far from where I live. I first visited it about a year and a half ago. I was a bit nervous but on entering I was also very excited. I got a lunch time pass and got a locker and took all my clothes off and was walking around with just a towel!! I saw signs saying that only safe sex should occur and they gave out condoms and even lube and there are private rooms and lots of room to walk around and have fun. I saw many men milling around and all nude like me it was sooo hot..The place had some gym equipment though none were using it and a steam bath and an outdoor hot tub. I went and sat in the outdoor hot tub and then got out and started to mingle...I went in the steam bath..Now I have done the same in a regular gym I go to and though once I got lucky every other time sadly nothing happens but here things were happening!!Guys were sitting on the bench inside stroking their cocks!! I sat down in an alcove and did the same and a few minutes later a guy comes by with his hard cock which he aims right at my face. I took that sweet cock in my mouth and started to suck on it up and down and more..I did this for awhile and then he motioned me to go out into this garden area where he sat on a bench as I resumed my sucking..I continued to jerk my cock nice and slow as I sucked his somewhat large cut cock..It was not long before I was rewarded with a mouthful of his man cum..he said thanks and moved along..I went back to the steam room..There was an older gentleman sitting there and I could tell he was not getting much attention..I could see he had a nice size cock and though not hard I thought I could at least give it the old college try and just bent over my head to his cock and began to suck it...It did get hard and I could see he was enjoying it immensely!!I felt for him and wanted to give him the ending he deserved so I wrapped my hand around his cock and even used the other underneath his cock and I continued to suck gently but forcefully..It was not long before I got my reward as his cum sort of dribbled out into my mouth..I could tell I made his day!! They had a lot of private rooms and I went by one and saw the door was open and three guys were busy inside!!! I stopped and one of the guys said come join in.. I came in and he immediately went to town on my cock sucking it very well...I saw he was being sucked by another guy who was being sucked by another and I grabbed the only cock left over and jerked it!! I saw a few guys stop by to gaze and they began to jerk their cocks too..I do love a crowd and the one standing shot his load on my cheek. Hmmmmm I actually tasted a bit of it and it was sweet!! One of the guys grunted and that was it so I moved on.. They had a room or actually a few connected rooms where there were several tv monitors playing gay porn with guys being fucked and sucked in many combinations!!! I sat down and looked at a guy my age with a nice uncut cock who was slowly jerking it..I needed more cock and so I motioned to him and then started to suck his cock..As I did one of the guys from the three way came over and he began to suck me almost like a daisy chain!! I did my patented slow tongueing and hand job of the one guys cock as the other guy sucked me..To have a cock in your mouth while you are being sucked is a feeling I do love!! I could feel the balls of the cock I was sucking tightening telling me my reward of a mouthful of hot man cum was coming..This made my cock even harder and in fact right after I heard him grunt and sure enough he shot that sweet mancum in my mouth..Well that was enough for me and I did the same to the hungry cock sucker who had my cock in his mouth and after all I had done I gave him a really big load of cum which I could tell he wanted badly in his mouth. So I had swallowed one load as my load was swallowed by another.. I took a break in the hot tub and then went back to the movie room..A younger guy who was Indian or something looked at me with that look and I knew he wanted something though not cock sucking..No instead he lied on top of me with his ass right on my face and proceeded to jerk..His ass was nice and round and a bit brown and just looked soooo sweet.. I have not said this but I love rimming a nice clean butt and here was a nice one so I tongued it nice and deep. After a few minutes of this it was enough for him to get his cock nice and hard and it was not long before he got up and then shot his load right on my chest. Long ropes of cum landed on me ...So here I was with cum on my chest..After tasting three loads and part of another and the time was up so I showered and that was it..but I can tell you I did go back and will write on that later..And oh yes I will for sure in will be going soon to get my fill of cocks and cum!!



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