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Basic Training

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by Axerobby
I have just returned home from 3 months of basic training for the military.

Basic training began with me and the 39 other guys of my unit who did not know each other being assembled in our barracks. In basic training there is no time to get to know each other before you are stripped of your civilian clothes and are given military clothes.
We were led to the shower area where we had to strip, give our regular clothes to the lieutenant, and begin showering before changing into our uniforms. This was the first time for most of these men to shower together. Some were noticeably uncomfortable.

As the days went by, we all looked forward to our evening shower time. Every evening we hit the showers after a long day of physical training, combat training, and crawling through the mud. While we were in the showers it was common for most of the guys to get an erection. It may just have been due to the stress and release of getting naked for a shower. Like I said, it wasn’t just one or two guys, it was most of them. No one made and effort to stroke their erection or even point out the fact that almost our whole platoon unit was hard in the shower. We had also spent every second of every day together so I was pretty sure that no one had masturbated since they got there. Even at night, we could all hear if someone was jerking off.

One particular day we hit the showers after a terrible day and I looked around to see that, sure enough, the erections were going up. You can tell when it is happening because all the guys start talking less. This day it got silent. After about five minutes of silence and everyone just continuing to soap up and act like nothing was happening, one of the guys said, “F*#k This!” We all turned to see him reach down, grab his dick, and start stroking his erection. He began to moan, quietly at first but then getting louder. You could hear the slappy sound of his soapy stroking. He seemed like he had just begun when we heard him approaching orgasm. He moaned, starting saying “Oh Yea… Here it cums,” and then he exploded all over the floor of the shower. Everyone was silent and watching this guy who had just blown his load all over the shower. Slowly I looked at the other guys and I reached down and started stroking my hard erection. Then it seemed like one by one all the other guys started stroking too. The shower was now filled with the sound of quiet moans, heavy breathing, and 40 guys stroking their dicks.

The guy who was next to me had just turned eighteen. He barely stroked his erection once or twice before he exploded with a moan of pleasure. And one by one the guys began to cum, some of them at the same time. I could feel my orgasm approach and I felt it building and building until I exploded. I felt amazing. Two guys were left. They were older gentlemen. The shower was still silent and still as we waited for these older guys to get off. Finally they each reached orgasm and we all just stood in the shower looking around. This was one of the quietest moments I have ever experienced. Finally one of the guys spoke up and said, “Thanks Bro” to the guys who had the guts to start it.

Then everyone just turned around and went back to showering.
Not much was ever said about it.



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